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Providing First-Class IT

Akita Systems are a leading IT services company that has been providing IT support and computer services to companies in London and the South East of England since 1996.

Accredited to ISO9001, we are genuinely proactive with a proven track-record of giving our clients exceptional IT support and utterly secure and reliable cloud computing solutions.

Akita serves clients with between 10 and 2,000 users. With hundreds of businesses, schools and other organisations supported, Akita’s dedicated team of highly-trained engineers are on hand 24/7 to provide an efficient and friendly support service.

Proven Cloud Solutions

With our own equipment in multiple state-of-the-art data centres, Akita are ideally positioned to provide a range of cloud computing and hosted services which can be tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

As well as bespoke solutions for more complicated requirements, Akita also offer Microsoft Office 365 and other off-the-shelf cloud products which can offer tremendously cost-effective solutions for those with straightforward needs.

Because of this, Akita are in fortunate position of being truly impartial and able to provide the most appropriate solution for your business.

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In 2015, Akita Systems were pleased to be certified with the international standard ISO 9001:2008. As we are focused on ensuring total customer satisfaction and providing continually improving products and services, Akita decided to measure our quality system against the internationally recognised quality standard.

Microsoft Certification Office365 VMware Microsoft Small Business ISO9001 Cisco 3cx Microsoft Dynamics Dell

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