World Backup Day

      World Backup Day

      Can we start though by stating that we hope World Backup Day does not lead to you relying on an annual backup to protect your information!

      The importance of a suitable backup strategy is generally underestimated until such a time that some unforeseen occurrence results in a recent backup being needed. For many, backup extends beyond the workplace with private files and information, photos and other media being a highly personal aspect of their backup requirements.

      So, what should you do to ensure that your backup is fit for purpose?

      Backup Frequency

      Backups should be taken at regular intervals and certainly on a daily basis. The more recent the backup, the less upheaval and data loss your organisation will experience.

      Resilience & Offsite Backups

      Are you relying solely on an on-site backup solution? If so, you could be exposed in the event of your business premises suffering from fire, theft or flood.

      Do you manually rotate backups with staff taking backup tapes or external hard drives off site? If so, when was the last time these were tested?


      Poor security, insecure passwords and a lack of user awareness and training can lead to data loss. A significant number of malware and security breaches are caused by users clicking on rogue links and opening email attachments.

      Password policies, user awareness training and user testing play a crucial role in mitigating these risks.

      File Structures

      If you do become a victim of Ransomware attack which encrypts your data, having a properly organised file structure will ensure that only a small portion is affected (meaning that other users can still access the files they need).

      Testing Backups

      It is important to thoroughly restore and test backups to ensure that they are fit for purpose when needed.

      Don’t Risk your Most Valuable Asset, Call Akita!

      For many businesses, the data and information they hold is their most valuable asset.  Losing this is something which businesses often do not recover from and are forced to close.

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