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      Windows Server 2003 Support Ends

      With the end of Windows server 2003 support, those yet to upgrade from the software are advised to put extra security measures in place to keep their systems as safe as possible from potential attackers.

      Support for Microsoft Server 2003


      Continued use of Windows Server 2003

      Of course, some organisations may be running 2003 Server as a result of legacy applications that may have compatibility issues with more recent server editions. For others, it may be a result of budgetary constraints.

      Users of Windows Server 2003 should be aware that Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates, making it easier for cyber-criminals and potential attackers to target and exploit new vulnerabilities. This has been seen previously and therefore represents a real risk to business

      In the first instance, we would strongly recommend that those with affected speak to a reputable IT services company who can advise on the more appropriate course of action.

      This is likely to be a simpler process than using Microsoft Migration Planning Tool or signing up for their webinars (https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/server-cloud/products/windows-server-2003/).

      A professional IT partner will be able to advise you on other security measures that you can put in place to cover some of the wider security risks of out of date server software. These may include enhanced endpoint protection or firewall provisions, as well as network monitoring.

      Until you have been able to find such a partner, increased user vigilance is ever more important and server administrators need to be particularly cautious.

      It would also be prudent to ensure that any external storage devices connecting to the network are more strictly monitored, whilst the use of personal email using office-based infrastructure should be restricted as much as possible.

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