Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

      Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: Five features To Look Forward To

      The wait will almost certainly have been worth it though, based on some of the new features that are due to be rolled out. Here’s a list of our favourites:

      Nearby Sharing

      Despite the various methods available, sharing files between PCs can still be an annoying and time consuming process. Nearby Sharing hopes to put that to bed by using Bluetooth technology to send information between Windows 10 PCs. Similar to Apple’s popular AirDrop feature, this will likely be a feature welcomed by on-the-go users without access to an internet connection.

      ‘S Mode’

      Windows 10 S was released in 2017 as a lighter-weight, faster-running and more secure version of Windows 10. Windows 10 S only allows the installation of apps and add-ons from the Windows Store. Blocking the download of third party add-ons and software means that PCs start up quicker and are much less likely to install malware.

      The Spring Creators Update will now bring an ‘S mode’ to the standard Windows 10, imposing the same download restrictions. In the wake of recent Crypto and malware attacks, this is definitely a feature businesses should explore.

      Focus Assist

      Ever lose your entire day to emails and updates? Focus Assist will help. Set a time period, activate Focus Assist and enjoy a blissful period without any alerts from your PC. It’s a highly useful feature either for concentration, or when presenting your screen as part of a PowerPoint presentation or video conference call.

      And in case you can’t be completely cut off from the outside world, the ‘Priority Only’ setting of Focus Assist ensures you only see alerts in the case of emergencies.

      Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer

      In the wake of recent news around social media data gathering, Microsoft appears to have got ahead of the curve with Diagnostic Data Viewer. This controls what information Microsoft collects about your PC and its performance. Users can select the level of data they’re willing to share, or opt to delete all previous information that has been collected about their PC. And by installing the Diagnostic Data Viewer app, user will be able to see what data Microsoft has gathered about their PC in the past.

      Bandwidth Management

      A blessing for all IT administrators, the Bandwidth Management feature throttles Microsoft updates based on time of day or the individual machine. This ensures staff don’t lose hours to updates right in the middle of the day, nor will your office Internet connection grind to a halt when 30 PCs try to install a patch at the same time.

      Bonus feature – Windows Defender Application Guard

      Back on the theme of security, the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update will give Enterprise edition users access to Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG). Previously only available on consumer versions of Windows 10, WDAG is a feature of Microsoft’s Edge browser that compartmentalises downloads. By doing so, it isolates potential malware and keeps it away from the rest of your PC. As malware can be accidentally downloaded and installed in seconds, this will also be a valuable feature for businesses and may see Edge adopted more as browser of choice.

      The new features of the Spring Creators Update will be rolled out to users very shortly via a Windows update. If you’re interested in switching your PCs over to Windows 10, please get in contact:

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