zero day virus

Warning: Potential Zero Day Virus

Due to an increased threat level, we have reported this to the anti-virus companies and we are actively working with them to produce an update.

A Zero Day virus is typically malware which is previously unknown. As a result, these can often slip through anti-virus and email filtering software undetected.

How to protect against zero day virus?

You need to be extra vigilant – particularly with regard to emails from unknown senders with attachments or links of any kind.

Before opening any attachment or clicking on a link, please ensure that you are 100% confident that it is genuine and was intend something you were expecting to receive.

Although .zip attachments and the like are more prominent carriers of the virus, standard office files and seemingly genuine website links are also used.

If you are in any doubt or suspect you may have been infected by the Zero Day virus, please contact our support team on 01732 762675 or email


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