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      The Impact of the Brexit Referendum – Buy in June or Pay More!

      Although the medium and long-term implications are unclear, we are already seeing short-term impacts of the Brexit decision which will result in increased IT costs for many organisations.

      Why Will Costs Go Up?

      The significant drop of the British Pound against the US Dollar is having an impact on hardware and software manufacturers, with their costs increasing as a result (particularly those sourcing components from Asia).

      As a result, we have been advised from a number of manufacturers that pricing increases of around 10-15% are expected from the beginning of July, with a further possible price rise predicted in August.

      What Does Brexit Mean For My IT?

      Ultimately, buyers of IT hardware and software need to be braced for increased prices in the short and medium-term.

      For those considering replacing or investing in hardware, placing orders before Friday will certainly mean that you can benefit from the current prices before they increase.

      Of course, this may make cloud computing a more attractive proposition for those organisations which have not already adopted this approach. Another option to extend the longevity of PCs would be to implement a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) platform.

      If you are in any doubt and you are planning an investment in your IT equipment, speak to us today on 01732 762675 and we can advise you as to whether you can avoid the inevitable rise in prices.

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