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Switching IT Providers

Discover how switching IT providers to Akita could help support your organisation’s growth and success.

Organisations can reach a point where they know their existing IT provider is no longer right for them, whether it’s a result of poor response, high costs or lack of required skills.

As a leading IT support and managed service provider for London and the South East, we regularly assist organisations to move to our IT support. Comments we’ve received include:

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how impressed I have been with the service provided to us from Akita in the management of our migration from our old supplier to you. I am usually the person that hears all the issues relating to IT and so far I have only had praise from my team. Mentions like “it’s so easy now” and “The new IT company are super easy to speak to and extremely helpful”.”

Despite such feedback, many organisations are still tentative about changing support – and for various reasons. So we’ve summarised what you should look for in a new IT provider, along with the most common concerns we hear.

Even if you don’t eventually choose Akita as your new IT provider, we hope this offers some assistance.

What should you consider when choosing an IT provider?

When speaking with organisations considering switching IT providers, the below are often the key motivators:

Response time

Many IT providers claim to offer a responsive IT support. But it’s not always the reality. We hear from organisations whose issues have gone unfixed – and emails unanswered – for days or even weeks.

To prove we’re good to our claims of offering fast response, we guarantee a response time of two hours or less as part of our Service Level Agreement (SLA) contract.

Of course, our average response time is typically much less than two hours (currently around 40 minutes). But you can rest assured that if we don’t meet our SLA, you have means of recourse with us.

Plus we’ll also prioritise IT support issues based on their severity. So if your issue is business-critical, we’ll be sure to help you first.

Proactive approach

Responsive IT support is one thing. But it’s more effective if IT problems don’t happen in the first place.

Our proactive IT maintenance service stops problems before they happen. Through monitoring systems and hardware performance, we help organisations avert disasters that threaten to disrupt their businesses.

We also help organisations save time. Through simple steps, like scheduling updates to take place out of work hours, we save organisations from IT disruption that can eat into their busy days.


A good IT provider should have the capacity to support your success, no matter how large you grow.

Akita’s has a team of over 40 IT engineers and consultants, and support organisation of up to 500 people without an issue. So your organisation can do a lot of growing, safe in the knowledge we’re there to support you.

But support shouldn’t be the only way an IT provider offers scalability…


A professional IT partner should be able to help its customers to develop and enhance their systems and setup. They should be able to provide options, not just the one route they know.

Akita offers over 40 managed services that serve organisations from start-up to enterprise in size.

Our services cover everything from basic IT requirements to unified communications, consultancy to advanced business systems.

So by choosing Akita, you’ll have a partner whose services and expertise can scale with you.

switching it provider


When reviewing new IT support providers, price is often a key consideration. Ideally though, you should consider value rather than price.

At Akita, we know we’re ours is not the cheapest IT support offering in the market. But that’s because to offer a scalable service, hire talented IT engineers, deliver high-quality IT support, and meet tight response times, we can’t be.

Instead, we provide a service that delivers value to our customers:  proactive IT support that prevents IT problems (saving them money), optimised systems that make them more efficient, and services that help them scale.

This, we think, is better value to our customers than offering them a cheap service that doesn’t deliver when they need it. And from the 200+ five star reviews we’ve received from our customers, we think they agree.

Common reservations about switching IT providers

Even when we speak to organisations that have experienced terrible response times, 100% price rises or complete project failures with their existing IT providers, some are still hesitant to switch. Here are some of the things that we hear – and what we say in return about how our services can help:

“A new IT provider won’t know us or our systems”

It’s true that every IT system is set up in a different way. And it’s for this reason that Akita devotes time at the start of a new relationship to learning systems, documenting admin rights, and reviewing setup in-line with organisational goals.

In doing so, we’ll often review systems that haven’t been audited in years. So, it’s fairly common to discover ways to improve organisations’ IT setups or enhance their security.

So if anything, switching IT provider to Akita should make your systems better.

“How do we know if our new IT provider has the right skill set?”

This is a legitimate concern with smaller IT support providers. And in our time, we’ve seen some terrible setups where IT partners have tried to hide their lack of skills.

Akita works with organisations of all sizes and across practically every industry, so we have experience in a vast range of systems, software and solutions. With more than 40 IT expert engineers and consultants, we carry a huge breadth of experience and skills.

But in the very rare case that we encounter something new to us, we’re humble enough to say so. So if there’s that one niche piece of software you really need help with, we’ll put our best people on the job to learn how we can help you.

“Switching IT provider is going to involve lots of effort on our part”

Your time is valuable, and you don’t have much to spare for a new IT provider. That’s why Akita’ transition of service model is designed to let us take on the hard work.

We’ll document your systems, catalogue licences and hardware, and review your setup. We’ll obtain all relevant information from your current IT provider and even inform relevant third-party service providers (phone systems, internet providers, print suppliers etc.) that we’re now managing your IT.

We will want to spend some time with you – but only to understand your organisation’s goals and how we can help you achieve them.  But you can leave the IT-side of things to us.

“Our old IT provider will cause us problems”

If your current IT provider tries to make it difficult to leave, it usually confirms that you’re making the right decision.

But you don’t need to worry. As part of our transition of service process, we handle all of the technical elements of switching IT provider. This includes obtaining relevant passwords and access rights from your old provider and migrating any licences to our care. Just leave it to us to get the information we need.

And whatever your old IT provider says, remember you were only paying for their services – YOU own YOUR IT systems. No one can legally withhold your data or threaten to turn services off prematurely.

Time For A New IT Partner?

If reading the above has you thinking about switching IT providers, please get in touch.

Our consultants will be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have and discuss your specific systems and requirements.

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