Is your software licensing compliant?

      Understanding Software Licensing Compliance

      As a business owner, software licensing compliance is the last of your worries. But with the potential for heavy fines or business disruption if you get it wrong, should it be of more importance to you?

      The difficulty of managing software

      Having a business to run, let alone computer systems to keep working effectively, means that many businesses suffer from a lack of control of their IT software licensing and assets.

      Not only does this increase the possibility that software is under-licensed, we often find companies are over-licensed, wasting unnecessary money because of their lack of software management.

      The bottom line for businesses is that if they do not know what software they have purchased, it is impossible to ensure that they are properly licensed. And this can be expensive.

      At Akita, we understand the complexities of managing software licensing agreements and staying compliant.  The good news for our clients is that we take the headaches away and ensure that they are compliant and not spending money on unnecessary licensing.

      Ensuring Software Licensing Compliance

      Akita will not only carry out a comprehensive systems audit and confirm the software installed throughout your organisation, more importantly, but we will also document which software is used and precisely which licenses have been legitimately purchased – guaranteeing software licensing compliance.

      With significantly penalties from unlicensed software, not to mention the potential embarrassment, why wait to get your house in order?  A simple phone call to Akita will relieve the burden and you will have complete peace of mind from a full audit and the knowledge of what (if anything) needs to be done.  Of course, you may well find that you are over-licensed and a software audit will actually save you money!

      Without a thorough software audit, companies lack true visibility into which software is used.  As a result, it is easy to get their software needs wrong by either underestimating or overestimating software usage.

      As typical software asset management systems are not designed to handle the complexities of desktop applications from the likes of Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec (let alone enterprise applications), these solutions will only give companies part of the picture.

      To ensure that a thorough software audit is completed and accurate records are maintained moving forward – guaranteeing compliance and removing the cost of over-licensing – contact the Akita team to find out how we protect our clients’ interests and take the headache away!

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