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Point-To-Point Wireless Internet & Network Connections

Get high speed internet and network connections without the need for cabling with our point-to-point wireless solutions.

Akita’s point-to-point wireless solutions offer organisations high-bandwidth, fast-speed internet and network connections without the need for cable connection.

Placing a temporary and non-obtrusive dish on top of your office or premises, we can establish a connection with an internet broadcast point located up to 15km away.

Akita’s point-to-point connections come in two variations (Lite and Pro), with maximum speeds of up to 5 Gbps. Both solutions provide a military-grade encrypted connection and an SLA uptime of 99.95%.

Uses For Point-To-Point 

Point-to-point wireless setups make for great temporary internet connection solutions. Point-to-point wireless is easy to set up and can be in place within as little as five days. This is useful if you suddenly discover the internet connection at a new office or location isn’t going to be ready on time.

Wireless connections also make for excellent backup lines. This is because they avoid much of the civic network infrastructure that is so often the source of outages.

They can also be used to establish network connections between buildings. They’re a practical solution for creating networks where it is not possible or safe to run cables from one location to the other.

Point-To-Point Wireless London

While you might think it easy to secure a strong internet connection in the capital, companies looking for a new connection can soon run into a host of problems.

Struggles to get cabling to locations, and then into specific buildings or floors, means new connections regularly take a minimum of 3 months to establish (often much longer).

Even if a connection can be established, companies may then struggle to obtain a reliable backup internet connection. Most rely on the same infrastructure as their primary connection. This can mean that their backup line faces the same vulnerabilities as their primary line, rendering it pointless.

Akita provides line-of-sight wireless connections that deliver fast and reliable internet services. We also set up wireless network connections to securely link organisations’ multiple locations. Our solutions are non-permanent and non-obtrusive, meaning there’s little for building owners to object to. To discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Point-To-Point Wireless Kent

Kent’s beautiful countryside and landscape make the perfect scenic setting for companies to base their operations. Yet securing a strong and reliable internet connection to some Kent locations can prove difficult.

Akita has been working with Kent companies for over 20 years. We’ve set up point-to-point connections across the county, establishing both internet connections and wireless network connections.

Our solutions cover some of the hardest to reach areas of Kent. So if your business is struggling with a primary or backup connection we can help.

For more information about our service, please get in touch.

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