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Mobile Device Management

Take control of your organisation’s mobile devices and safeguard your IT systems

Mobile Device Management offers organisations advanced control and monitoring of devices connected to work systems, ensuring the safety and security of your IT.

Why protect mobile devices?

Most businesses go to great lengths to protect their IT. Anti-virus software is used to prevent malware infecting PCs and wider IT systems, while solutions such as BitLocker encryption is used to prevent unauthorised access to hardware such as laptops.

However, many businesses allow mobile phones and devices (either work-owned or staff’s personal devices) to have the same level of access to work systems as their PCs or laptops. And these devices are rarely as secure or well-protected.

Personal devices can introduce the threat of malware and security breaches to systems, as there’s no regulation on the apps that are used or the permissions they’re given. Equally, personal email accounts are often hosted alongside work accounts, meaning viruses can easily spread between the two.

Mobile devices are also much more likely to be lost or intercepted than laptops. According to Government figures, over half a million phones are stolen each year. If phones are not adequately secure, work systems can easily be compromised and accessed by thieves.

How Mobile Device Management can help

Mobile Device Management, powered by MobiControl, is an advanced cloud management solution for devices including mobile phones and tablets.

mobile data management

Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Linux devices, this solution allows for organisations to safeguard themselves in the following ways:


Mobile Device Management lets you take back control of how and when devices can access your work systems.

Whether on a work or an employee’s personal phone or tablet, Mobile Device Management creates a separate, secure environment in which any programs or apps accessing work systems are stored. Apps and software in these environments can be added or removed from devices remotely using the cloud management platform. This means that software such as anti-virus can be enforced on devices that have access to your systems.

Organisations can also enforce the security that devices must have to be able to access this area, monitoring if devices have passwords or pin codes.

For work devices, Mobile Device Management can also control which apps staff can access, ensuring only approved, relevant and secure content is downloaded onto the phone.


With GDPR now in force, organisations can face a significant fine if their data is deleted or stolen. In this regard, unprotected mobile devices represent a substantial risk.

Mobile Device Management can, therefore, ensure that access to systems is protected with passwords and security measures. This ensures that information cannot be accessed or taken by an unauthorised device user, nor compromised by malware.

Should an employee lose a device (personal or work-owned) that is connected to work systems, it can be remotely wiped of all of an organisation’s data held on that device. This removes the chance of a GDPR breach occurring, or of the phone being used for fraudulent purposes.

Mobile Device Management can also assist with compliance with internal security policies. For secure or sensitive work environments, Mobile Device Management can be used on work-issued devices to disable in-built cameras and recording functionality. Staff can also be prevented from downloading unauthorised communication apps (such as WhatsApp) or other apps not essential for work, such as games.


After setup, Mobile Device Management is offered at a low-cost monthly price per device. With devices added or removed as needed, it’s a flexible and cheap way to stay secure.

Should a device be lost, GPS location can be activated to track it down. This can save on the cost of replacement or support an insurance claim.

Experience the benefits

With a wide range of possible uses, let us demonstrate how Mobile Device Management can benefit your organisation. Conducted face-to-face or via video call, we can show you the full range of functionality available, then discuss exactly how it can be tailored to your needs.

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