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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s teamworking application can transform how your organisation works and communicates.

Microsoft Teams has been setting the business world alight since its launch in 2017 and is now used by over half a million businesses worldwide. Discover the work collaboration benefits it can bring to your organisation.

What is Microsoft Teams?

At its core, Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based group messaging platform that’s enhanced with the power of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite.

As such it can allow groups of contacts (or ‘teams’) to:

  • Send messages and converse as a team or one-to-one
  • Make audio and video calls to other Teams users
  • Share files and documents
  • Collaborate on Office 365 documents in the cloud
  • Communicate on the go via the Microsoft Teams app

This core set of functionalities can then be used in various combinations to achieve a range of operational goals for departments. Examples include:

  • Managing projects
  • Collaborating on sales pitches
  • Instructing field operatives
  • Hosting video conferences and webinars

Each user can create up to 250 teams, meaning there’s enough capacity for all work projects to be run in its own individual Teams chat.

microsoft teams

Documents shared within Teams will automatically store to a SharePoint Online instance, with each organisation able to access up to 25 TB of storage for their Teams files.

There are also a wide range of apps that can be added to Teams to expand functionality, including survey tools, CRM integrators and task management solutions to name but a few.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Teams can help improve the productivity of your organisation by increasing the flexibility of working and making key information more immediate.

Rather than having to wade through emails to keep up with a few vital pieces of communication, or search through nests of files to find key documents, Teams allows users to find all the information relevant to a subject or project in one place.

Users can also communicate instantly with their colleagues via individual or group messaging. As a team can be up to 5000 users, it can also be an effective way to communicate quickly across an entire organisation.

Teams as a calling solution

Microsoft Teams also supports audio and video calling.

Teams-to-Teams calling is included free of charge in all versions of the software. This means it can potentially save organisations money on internal or inter-office calls, and remove the need for software such as Skype.

For organisations with Microsoft E5 licences (or E3 with a bolt-on licence), Teams can also be used as a fully functional phone solution. For a low monthly fee per user, calls can be made and received from within Teams on whichever device a user is logged onto (PC, tablet, mobile phone etc.)

Teams could, therefore, replace your entire existing phone system if desired. For more information on this, please get in touch.

Implementing Teams in your organisation

Microsoft Teams is licensed per user. While a limited version is available for free, many organisations will discover they have access to the full version of Teams as part of their Office 365 licence packages.

Akita can provide any Microsoft licensing required and assist with the installation of Teams across your organisation. This can include configuring Teams to match departmental requirements.

Our consultants can assist with staff training and engagement methods to ensure successful adoption. And should it be needed, we can also supply audio and visual hardware to make use of Teams’ calling functionality, with solutions ranging from Bluetooth earpieces to advanced conference room camera setups.

To discuss Microsoft Teams implementation in your organisation, please get in touch.

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