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      Vulnerability scanning is vital for organisations trying to protect their IT systems and hardware, or uncover weaknesses before they are exploited.
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      Uncover weaknesses in networks, PCs, devices and communications equipment with vulnerability scanning. Scanning will highlight where there are security weaknesses and will classify the level of risk they pose.

      Scanning can also help to assess how effective various countermeasures might be, helping ensure that the best, most cost-effective solutions are put in place.

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      Vulnerability scanning offers organisations an overview of the state of their IT security and how well they might fair if they were subject to an attack. This allows them to negate threats before they happen. Therefore by performing scans, organisations save money by preventing IT system damage, business disruption, or potential fines for data loss or theft.

      Scanning can contribute towards a variety of organisational security standards, and is advised as part of compliance with ISO 27001. It is also a step towards safeguarding business data as part of GDPR.

      Proof of regular vulnerability scanning is also a sign that a company is actively engaged with its IT security. This attention to detail is something that new customers may look for in the general character of an organisation to ensure that its data will remain safe if it chooses to trade with that organisation. It can, therefore, help to win new business.


      Our approach to vulnerability scanning is as follows:


      We will consult with you to identify which systems, applications or devices require security testing. Before scanning, we will consider and adjust approach for particular weaknesses depending on the systems/devices you want to test, the nature of your business and the types of data you hold.


      Our engineers complete testing using both a software-driven approach and our own testing methodology. This ensures that both technological risks and those resulting from human error are exposed.

      Reporting & debriefing

      Once the scan is complete, we produce a report detailing security gaps and threats, with an explanation of their severity and risk profile. We will also identify the solutions or steps required to neutralise these threats.

      Where possible, our consultants and engineers will demonstrate these vulnerabilities to you to highlight the potential risk to your organisation and help you to make procedural changes if required. We can also assist with any technology improvements or fixes should you wish.


      Once a fix is deployed, we retest to ensure that vulnerabilities are neutralised.

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      Organisations should scan their IT systems and hardware on a regular basis, particularly as new viruses or system vulnerabilities are made public. Other key times to scan include:

      • When changes are made to network infrastructure.
      • If deploying new applications.
      • When making significant upgrades or modifications to IT infrastructure, operating systems or applications.
      • Following business mergers or acquisitions, when IT systems may be exposed to other untested systems.
      • When moving office location.
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