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VoIP Video & Video Conferencing

With a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution from Akita and 3CX, you’ll not only get telephone calls but video capability as standard. Unlock the potential of video calls and web conferencing for your business as part of your VoIP experience.

Video calling is another benefit of taking on a VoIP telephone solution from Akita. We provide VoIP video calling and video conference functionality at no additional cost.

The value of video calls

Video calling, using technology from our partner 3CX, introduces the benefit of face-to-face communication from the convenience of your laptop, desktop or mobile device.

Video calls allow you to have more personal communications with key clients and better engage with colleagues in regional or overseas offices. They can also prove a more effective way of interacting. A survey from Gigaom found that 90% of those using video calls felt they were able to get their point across more easily than using audio-only calls.

VoIP video calls can also ensure that remote workers are engaged and in touch with activities within offices, making them feel valued and increasing their productivity.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing enables businesses to save time and money by hosting meetings virtually. Using video conferencing you can get all the required people together instantly without the need for travel.

Voip video conference

Video conferencing is simple to use and can be launched from the 3CX client with just a few clicks. Video conferencing also helps improve productivity, with 89% of research participants stating that video conferencing had helped them to complete tasks and projects faster.

3CX’s video conferencing benefits includes:

  • Scalable – Host up to 50 participants in any one video conference (depending on licensing).
  • Sharing made easy – Screen share, present documents or show PowerPoint presentations at the click of a button.
  • Record your meeting – One-button recording of your video conference with a download link emailed to you straight after your video conference.

Make your meetings more time and cost-effective with video conferencing.

Everything you need to get started

Akita is a 3CX Platinum Partner and can help get your organisation up and running with VoIP video, video conferencing and telephony.

We can also supply you with the equipment you’ll need to get the most out of video calling and conferencing, ranging from webcams for individual users to advanced microphones, cameras and screens for your board or meeting rooms.

For more information on video calling or conferencing, call 01732 762 675 or contact us.

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