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Office Relocations

Moving offices is a daunting project. Knowing that your computer systems will be safely relocated - and installed in a working condition in your new premises - takes much of the pressure off.

Akita is highly experienced in managing IT office relocations. Our skilled engineers will ensure your move is a smooth one.

We can offer IT relocation services to match your requirements.  This can be just the relocation of your IT equipment and infrastructure. We can also address your connectivity and broadband to ensure you are ready to go on arrival. Alternatively, you can trust your entire office relocation and setup to us. Whatever you choose,  you’ll be in safe hands.

Akita will safely package and transport your computers, servers, networking equipment and IT infrastructure, and configure them at the other end. We can also prepare your new office with data cabling, ensuring a neat and easy setup that avoids cabling running all across the floors.

We’ll ensure your relocation will be hassle-free. And if you experience any teething problems in your new location, engineers will be on hand to assist with your setup.

For businesses relocating to the Kent or London area, contact Akita to discuss your IT services requirements in more detail and we will work with you to project manage your move.

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