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Microsoft SharePoint

From intranets to document and content management, allow users to access files and work collaboratively with Microsoft SharePoint.

Akita is a leading developer of Microsoft SharePoint solutions that promote smarter working and simplified file storage as an organisation grows.

We offer a range of connected SharePoint services including migrations, licensing and support. And as a  Microsoft Gold Partner, you can be sure that we have the technical expertise to deliver superlative results.

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SharePoint is Microsoft’s teamworking and collaboration platform.

SharePoint is recognised by Gartner as the leading tool for building business intranets, portals and content platforms. Highly configurable, SharePoint’s flexibility means that it can be customised to streamline processes, introduce new working efficiencies and create tangible productivity gains.

SharePoint is available as both a cloud-hosted solution (SharePoint Online) and a locally hosted application (SharePoint On-Premises).

Organisations using common Microsoft 365 business licences can discover that they already have the required licences to access SharePoint Online. This means they can enjoy SharePoint solutions and up to 1TB of free cloud storage for just the small development cost.

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Akita operates a dedicated digital transformation practice for the development of SharePoint projects. Here we deliver a full range of SharePoint services including consultancy, development, migration, support and licensing.

Our experienced consultants work with organisations ranging from start-ups to leading international organisations.

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Below are some of the typical solutions we develop in Microsoft SharePoint

sharepoint extranet

SharePoint provides the ideal platform for creating an organisation's intranet (internal-facing website), supporting internal communication and secure team collaboration on documents and projects.

sharepoint extranets and portals
Extranets & Portals

An extranet or portal can allow authorised users to view and edit files and documents. This allows for external communication and file sharing through a secured and monitored system, with complete control of access.

sharepoint document management systems
Document Management Systems

SharePoint Online can be used as a replacement to traditional file servers, providing file and document access from the cloud. With smart structures and control about how files are stored, SharePoint offers an efficient way to manage and collaborate on files.

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Ease of use

SharePoint makes the management of files simple. A far more advanced solution than a simple storage drive, SharePoint allows users to find and access files from any device. With search and advanced meta tag filtering, you won’t be routing through folder nests for key documents.


Sharepoint lets users work together and stay connected. Multiple users can work simultaneously on files, removing the need to create different versions. Change tracking and rollback allows users to follow changes and undo them as necessary.


Modern SharePoint sites can fully match your organisation’s branding. There’s great control available overlook and feel, with background images that can be changed and logos added.


SharePoint’s document management features ensure the integrity of documents. Access is controlled via password and it can also be additionally secured with multi-factor authentication. As part of document control, admins can restrict access to files and control users ability to view or editing documents.


Integrations with SharePoint can further increase functionality. Paired with Outlook, files can be shared at the touch of a button. Coupled with Dynamics 365 allows the storing of relevant documentation against CRM records. And partnering with Power Apps allows for the development of mobile apps that store and deliver content from the cloud.

Microsoft SharePoint

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