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IT Consultancy

Akita has an envied track-record of providing IT support, computer services and IT consultancy to small and medium-sized businesses.

Akita’s longevity and experience of working with organisations gives us a great advantage when it comes to providing IT consultancy services.

We have an envied track-record in providing strategic IT advice that helps organisations make the right decisions regarding their IT systems and procedures.

Alongside the expertise of our staff, our success lies in our experience of working with a broad range of companies. This includes businesses of virtually every industry and size.

IT consultancy in our relationships

For Akita, IT consultancy begins from when we first engage with a new customer. One of the first things we will do is undertake a full site survey of existing IT systems and procedures.

We will precisely document what IT is currently is in place and how it is being used. From this, an IT audit is compiled, with an executive summary which highlights where potential improvements can be made. We will revisit this throughout the relationship on Prescheduled General Maintenance visits.

We pride ourselves on our proactive IT support and making our customers aware of any technological or software advancements that can improve their computer systems.

Many organisations look on Akita as their IT department, and we are happy to provide them with advice. Companies come to view our engineers as their IT managers, and we embrace this role.

IT consultancy projects

Akita can also provide formal IT consultancy services. Should companies require detailed information on a specific area of their IT (from security arrangements to cloud hosting), or are looking to strategically develop their systems, we can provide the expertise for your business.

Depending on the scale of the project, one of our senior consultants will spend a day examining your systems. They will perform an assessment using relevant software and best practice checks.

They then create a detailed consultancy document detailing findings, suggesting improvements, and outlining the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

Should you require, we can then carry out or assist with the implementation.

So if your:

  • IT strategy needs a fresh pair of eyes,
  • Business has not had a data or network security review in the past year
  • Current IT service provider is not providing you with the consultative approach or expertise you require

Please contact Akita for IT consultancy London, Kent and organisations across the South East can trust.

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