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IT Audits

Whether reviewing existing IT systems and processes, or planning for expansion, get the expertise you need from Akita, as part of an IT audit.

IT audits can help you take back control of your setup, and help you understand where your IT infrastructure or processes are letting you down.

We can focus on your hardware, software or networks, or provide an overview of all of these areas. Alternatively, we can examine internal IT policies, such as user permissions and processes, to identify how your IT setup could be improved. We can also look at how well your IT systems and processes comply with GDPR.

We can also combine an IT Audit with our Security Audit service, providing you with a holistic view both of your IT setup and how users engage with it.

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Process for IT Audits

While our process for IT audits will differ depending on your requirements, below is a guide to our approach and benefits:

  • Initial consultancy to gain an understanding of your organisation, its goals and how you use your current IT setup. This could include interviews with key stakeholders within your organisation to check that agendas are aligned.
  • Performance of an IT audit to document your computer systems, IT network infrastructure and/or software licenses held. Areas will be viewed in line with organisational aims, best practice guidelines and IT healthcare expertise.
  • We’ll then report on our findings. This can include a full register of IT hardware and software, along with practical information about renewals or upgrades required. We’ll then summarise our advice for future development paths, including details of specific systems or hardware that should be investigated for improvements.
  • Once our findings have been explained, we can assist you with the recommended changes. Should you wish, we can undertake the implementation for you. Whether it’s the configuration of systems or the sourcing of new hardware and software, we’ll help you get your IT setup to where it needs to be.


Akita’s audits can assist your organisation in saving money.

Audits can be conducted as a one-off service to assist with specific company activities, such as company mergers and acquisitions. Alternatively, we can provide an ongoing auditing service. This will provide you with an independent review of the costs of your IT setup to ensure that you are getting value for money.

Our IT audits take place to fit around your schedule, ensuring minimum disruption to your users.

For more details, or to discuss your IT audit requirements, please get in touch.

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