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Internet Connectivity

Akita manage the Internet connectivity for many of our clients, ensuring that they continue to benefit from fast and reliable broadband speeds to enable their businesses to run effectively.

The rise of cloud computing services and the increasing opportunities presented by the online world means that businesses are more dependant than ever on fast and reliable Internet connectivity.

Businesses can be left behind their competitors if their Internet connections are insufficient to enable them to benefit from VoIP telephony, Cloud Computing and other online services.

Akita can ensure that your business get the most robust and appropriate solution for your business, whether that be a super-fast fibre broadband connection or a dedicated leased line. Not only can this improve the performance of your computer systems,  you can often save money in the process.

To find out what Internet connectivity your organisation can benefit from, call us now on 01732 762675 and we will be able to provide you with an accurate indication of the available broadband or leased line speeds, along with great prices and the backup of our friendly helpdesk team.

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