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Disaster Recovery

Akita look after hundreds of business computer systems throughout Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex and Essex and, for the vast majority of these, it is imperative that Disaster Recovery and business continuity plans are in place to ensure that your business continues to operate, whatever the circumstances.

Clearly, continued access to your company’s data and email correspondence is vital for the majority of businesses. If an unexpected occurrence were to affect your organisation, resulting in your offices or servers being unavailable, what would you do? Do you have a suitable disaster recovery procedure?

The impact of data loss

If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, you are risking your organisation’s continued existence. Alarmingly, over half of all companies that had a major loss of business data requiring a data recovery service close within two years, with over 40% never actually reopening.

Then there’s the GDPR dimension. Organisations that lose personal data are considered to be in breach of the regulation and therefore eligible for heavy fines. This could make a bad situation far worse.

It is therefore vital to ensure that you are well covered with an appropriate disaster recovery plan in place should such a catastrophe occur. Indeed for many industries, a solid disaster recovery plan is a prerequisite of meeting key regulatory requirements.

Akita offer a wide range of IT services including IT consultancy and can plan with you to ensure that whatever disaster occurs, you only experience minimal downtime and that your business information and emails are always readily available. We can ensure that you are prepared for theft, fire or even natural disasters. This will give you, and your customers, complete peace of mind and will save you considerable time and money if the worst does happen.

Our Disaster Recovery planning

Akita can tailor a disaster recovery solution to your needs, with elements including:

  • Proactive support and monitoring
  • Simple off-site data storage and backup
  • Co-location services
  • Data replication
  • Image ghosting
  • Bit-level data mirroring
  • Regular testing and reporting

Speak to us today to see how we can help with your disaster recovery needs.

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