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Data Recovery

If you are reading this then there is a fair chance that you are looking for a data recovery expert as you have an urgent need to try and save important data.

Before trying to do anything to retrieve your data, bear in mind you may only get one chance at doing this correctly. You should therefore proceed carefully before entrusting someone with your data recovery.

Whether your hard drive has failed or your device has been damaged, we will endeavour to retrieve as much data as possible.

Akita has developed a partnership with the world leaders in data recovery. We can guide you through how to approach the recovery of your lost data.

And as your need to retrieve data will likely be an emergency, please call us on 01732 762675. Alternatively, send us a message and we’ll come back to you within 24 hours.

An end to the heartbreak of data loss

Hindsight is a wonderful thing when a hard drive fails. But it can be easy to protect you and your organisation from data from loss going forward.

Akita’s offsite backup solution can be used to back up both your servers and devices to avoid the need for future data recovery.

We can configure a cloud backup to happen automatically at regular intervals. Your data will be secure, stored and protected in our two geographically-separate data centres.

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