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      Our wide range of cyber security services ensure your organisation’s IT systems remain safe and secure.
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      Cyber Security Services For London & The South East

      There’s never been a more important time to make sure your IT networks are secure. For 25 years, Akita have provided cyber security services and consultancy to organisations across Kent, London and the South East.

      Now, as working practices evolve with a rise in remote and hybrid working, organisations are at risk to a new range of threats. Ensuring adequate protection is critical to business continuity and the continued success of your organisation.

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      Our Expertise

      Discover more about some of the accreditations and partnerships we hold relating to cyber security:

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      ISO 9001 Certified
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      Cyber Security Threats

      Understand the range of threats that organisations commonly encounter:

      Denial of Service Attack

      A DoS or DDoS attacks swamp an organisation’s network servers with such a large amount of traffic that the systems are brought offline.


      Malware comes in various shapes and sizes, from spyware to viruses and worms. These can damage systems and steal confidential company data.


      These types of attack are on the increase. When infected, a system is encrypted and locked and an attacker demands a fee to unlock the data.


      Phishing is one of the most common types of attack. Malicious Links are included in an email tricking users to disclose sensitive credit card details or login credentials.


      This is a much more targeted form of phishing which targets specific individuals and specific organisations with fraudulent attempts to access confidential information such as bank details or monetary transactions.

      Zero-Day Exploits

      When a vulnerability is announced, software and hardware vendors are quick to release a security patch. However, attackers can often create an exploit before the patch is released.

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      IT Security Solutions Tailored To You

      Mitigating Cyber Security Threats

      Ensuring your organisation is protected from these threats should be a crucial part of your IT security strategy and ensures that your business can continue to operate effectively in the event of a cyber attack.

      Our cyber security services are tailored to your requirements, budgets and industry. Should your company work within a high-risk industry (for example, financial services, oil and gas, telecoms or defence) we can ensure we provide the appropriate security measures with regular testing.

      Our Cyber Security Services

      We design security solutions that protect every point of your network and offer services from industry-leading providers such as Cisco, Sophos, DrayTek and SonicWall.

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      Antivirus & Anti-Ransomware

      Business cyber security solutions to protect against viruses, ransomware and more

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      Hardware and software firewall security solutions, such as Sophos, for IT networks

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      Vulnerability Scanning

      Automated assessment and vulnerability scanning of IT networks for security weaknesses

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      Disaster Recovery

      Solutions for fast IT recovery in case of disaster

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      Server Monitoring

      24/7 server and network performance monitoring

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      Data Recovery

      Retrieving data from hard drive failures, damaged hardware and storage devices

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      SSL Certificates

      Improve your website domain security by confirming its https identity with an SSL certificate.

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      MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication

      Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds additional layers of security to your accounts.

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      PCI Compliance Scanning

      All organisations taking card payments are required to undergo PCI compliance scanning

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      Mobile Device Management

      Mobile device management (MDM) solutions such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager for your network

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      Business Continuity

      Business continuity services to plan for and mitigate the impact of IT-related business downtime

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      Email Filtering

      Akita's email filtering solution can eliminate malware threats and improve the relevancy of your emails.

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      Phishing Testing

      Akita’s service offers a simulation of a phishing attack, allowing you to test how security conscious your users are.

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      Cyber Security Audits

      Tailored cyber security audit to review IT security measures, processes and training

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      Cyber Essentials

      Accredited assessor for Cyber Essentials, helping organisations become more secure.

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      Our cyber security consultants can advise you on the services your organisation requires based on your specific requirements:
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      Our Cyber Security Consultancy

      Understanding what services your organisation needs can often seem daunting. Fortunately, Akita have a team of IT Security Consultants who advise and support customers on every aspect of their IT systems and processes.

      Each is a specialist in the field, and can provide regular IT security guidance or ad hoc consultancy, such as impartial reviews and IT audits.

      And, since 2018, IT security is a key part of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Non-compliance can result in large fines of up to 4% annual global turnover or €20 million (whichever is greater). We can advise on how to ensure compliance, and improve your data security, with our GDPR audits.

      Disaster Recovery

      Specialist Ransomware & Phishing Protection

      Phishing and ransomware are two of the biggest cyber threats that organisations face, with some 5.4 million attempted attacks reported in 2021. They are also some of the most financially damaging forms of attacks for businesses and therefore require special protection measures.

      Akita has a range of advanced IT security services designed to help mitigate the specific threat of ransomware and phishing. This includes mail filtering, focused anti-ransomware software, and backup services that can help get organisations better protect their data.

      Where an organisation has already fallen victim to ransomware or phishing, we can guide them through the process of building back stronger and better protected.

      For more information please get in touch:

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      Of Data Breaches Caused By Human Error

      Improving User Security: Introducing ‘Thinking Space’

      The single most effective way of stopping a cyber attack is taking the time to stop and think. 90% of data breaches in the UK are down to human error. So, whether that’s clicking a link on an email or on a pop-up ad online, always stop and consider if it is genuine and from a legitimate source.

      Likewise, when browsing the web, stop and check if the website is secured by an SSL certificate before inputting data. These simple tips can dramatically reduce your organisation’s risk to cyber attacks.

      As well as testing the security of your IT infrastructure, Akita’s consultants can assess and improve your users’ awareness of cyber security threats. By utilising these services, organisations can significantly reduce the likelihood of becoming victims.

      Cybersecurity Guide To Protect From Rise In Cybercrime
      Protect Your Organisation From the Rise in Cybercrime

      Guide to Cyber Security

      With unprecedented challenges and changes in working practices in recent years, technology adoption has evolved at a speed few could have dreamt of. And, as ever, with new technologies comes new threats.

      Our cyber security experts have prepared a guide to how to protect your organisation. Discover more about the threats and how to best prevent them:

      Download Our Guide Today
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