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      The critical task of data backup can be expensive and challenging for any organisation. Fortunately, Akita offers a simple yet business-strength cloud backup solution.
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      A recent survey by Beaming found that around 17% of UK companies currently have no data backup solution in place.

      Of companies that are backing up their data, the majority do so to a system within their office. This means that in a case of a natural disaster, a fire or even simple water damage, there’s a high risk of all business data being destroyed.

      But the biggest threat to a company’s data is not just from disaster but cyber-attack.

      Ransomware attacks can wipe PCs in less than 20 seconds, and clear entire company systems in minutes. This can also mean your backup is infected if they are in-house.

      According to Inc, 60% of companies that face a significant cyber-attack never recover.


      Akita’s expertise in cloud computing makes us the ideal partner for providing an offsite cloud backup service.

      Firstly, we assess the amount of data you have. We then work with you to predict your data growth for the coming year. Afterward, we agree on a storage amount with you which can be decreased or increased as you require. And, when you’re close to your data limit, we’ll let you know.

      Once the systems and folders are determined, we set daily backups to run automatically to our cloud servers. Akita operates a standard 14-day data retention policy. This means, if necessary, a company can return to an older backup rather than just the most recent.

      Unlike some providers, we regularly test that backups are complete and functional. This means that you won’t have a nasty surprise if you’re suddenly in need of your data.

      Another advantage of backing up data to our cloud is that we also perform data backup retrieval down to file level. So if you find that an important document or file has been deleted, we can recover it for you.

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      24/7 SECURITY

      Data and network security are at the heart of our offsite cloud backup service. All data is encrypted the moment it leaves the client site.

      Our cloud computing services and offsite backup solutions are delivered through multiple data centres that boast 24/7/365 onsite monitoring and security. This includes state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems, and seismic safeguards that can withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Our data centres are also protected from power outages, thanks to backup diesel generators.

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      Your data is too precious to risk losing. For total peace of mind, find out how we can develop a disaster recovery plan for your business.


      Akita offers a robust and cost-effective offsite cloud backup solution.

      Cost-Effective And Scalable Solution

      Change the amount of data you need backing up as you need to.

      A Set-And-Forget Solution

      Backups are automated and tested regularly - meaning you don’t have to worry.

      Convenient For Backing Up

      Convenient for backing up data on desktops, laptops and servers – no more taking tapes offsite!

      Business Continuity

      Our backups can become an effective part of your disaster recovery plan.

      Data Security

      Data is protected to ISO standards and held in the UK to comply with GDPR.

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