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      We’re leaders in hosted VoIP phone systems that can transform the way organisations work.
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      hosted ip telephony

      What Is A Hosted VoIP Phone System?

      Hosted VoIP phone systems provide the same great features of an in-house 3CX VoIP telephone system, but move the infrastructure to our dedicated cloud environment. This expands the flexibility of the VoIP system and helps generate more business savings.

      Akita can supply, install, host and support cloud-based phone solutions. We can also supply you with any required SIP trunking, structured cabling or phone hardware or software that you’ll need. Basically, everything you need to get going with hosted IP telephony!

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      hosted ip telephony


      Voice over IP (VoIP) phone solutions that use the internet – rather than phone lines – to make calls. A standard VoIP telephone system requires a server from which to run VoIP software. An organisation therefore must own this server, manage its upkeep and pay to keep it powered and cooled.

      When your move your organisation’s VoIP phone infrastructure into Akita’s two secure data centres, your VoIP phone system will work just as if the server were based in the office. You’ve simply removed the hassle of owning and maintaining a server to run your VoIP telephone software.

      And with a 3CX VoIP system, you aren’t tied to handsets. You can run your VoIP system from your PC, mobile phone or other device with an internet connection.

      hosted ip telephony


      Alongside the standard benefits of VoIP, VoIP hosting offers:

      Additional Savings

      By removing the need for an onsite server, you save on maintenance, hardware upgrade and power costs. Plus with our VoIP solutions, all calls between your offices – even internationally – are free.

      Simple To Setup

      Download the 3CX app and your mobile phone can be part of your company VoIP system in moments. Alternatively, Akita can configure desk phones to your system and send them out to your regional offices. Plug them in and you’re ready to go.


      Our cloud infrastructure allows you to expand your hosted VoIP system without fear of reaching infrastructure capacity. Equally, you can also reduce your capacity (and costs) as your business requires.

      Simple Multi-Location Deployment

      Have multiple offices (located regionally or internationally) and remote workers use the same phone system, without the need for costly phone infrastructure at each location.

      Fully Managed

      Akita’s cloud environment is monitored 24/7 – so you can rely on your VoIP 24/7 as well.

      hosted ip telephony

      Case Study

      Read about how we’ve provided a hosted VoIP phone system and support for one of our customers:

      hosted ip telephony
      hosted ip telephony


      Whether your aim is cost-savings or increased flexibility of working, you can trust Akita to help find the best hosted VoIP setup for your organisation.

      As a 3CX Gold Partner, we’re experts in VoIP solutions that make a difference to organisations of all sizes. And by deploying your phone system to the cloud, you remove an extra level of hassle from your IT setup.

      Plus by working with Akita, we can offer you ongoing support, management and development of your hosted phone system.

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      Cloud Computing

      Wider Hosted Services & Support

      More than just VoIP phones, Akita is a fully-fledged IT support and managed service provider.

      Alongside hosting VoIP telephone solutions, Akita supports wider cloud hosting solutions. Utilising our dedicated and secure cloud infrastructure, we can virtualise servers and desktops, effectively moving all of an organisation’s network to the cloud.

      All hosted solutions benefit from 24/7 monitoring and are always up to date. And with our large scale helpdesk, we can even provide IT support for your users day-to-day as well.

      For a conversation around hosted services and support please get in touch:

      hosted voip phone systems

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