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Hosted Desktops & DaaS

Akita’s hosted desktop solution allows for PC desktops to be moved from individual machines into the cloud.

A hosted desktop solution allows for the delivery of a consistent and scalable IT experience for all users in an organisation.

With this solution, users gain access via a desktop icon or link. This then provides them with access to a cloud environment with all the programs, applications and files that they would usually have on their PC.

Hosted desktop environments can be set to be accessed securely from any device and any location. This makes them a perfect solution for supporting remote working.
Hosted desktops also work well for businesses with offices spread out geographically, as it allows for the management of all desktops simultaneously from just one location.

Hosted desktop advantages

Simple management: A hosted desktop solution allows centralised management of all of an organisation’s desktops. Updates and security patches can be deployed to all desktops simultaneously, saving time on IT administration and maintenance. The hosted environment is also protected from viruses and malware.

Flexibility: A hosted desktop environment offers flexible access to an organisation’s IT systems. Users can work remotely yet collaboratively on documents with other people within an organisation.

hosted desktop

Organisations can also set up remote access to specialist software, such as design or accounting programs, allowing users to work using these solutions anywhere they can get a connection.

Cost savings: A hosted desktop setup can introduce significant savings on IT hardware, software and management time/costs.

In terms of IT hardware, the majority of processing for hosted desktops occurs within the cloud. This means businesses can invest in less powerful, cheaper PCs and laptops and not see a drop in performance. Licensing is also cheaper for a cloud setup (compared to purchasing licences per PC or device). Choosing to run a setup from Akita’s cloud network can also eliminate the cost of servers, hardware upgrades and maintenance.

It is also estimated by analysts (including Gartner) that running a hosted desktop setup can reduce the per-user cost of operation (licensing, management and support) from between £1,500 to £2,000 per person per year, to less than £1,000.

Disaster recovery: Hosted desktops run from Akita’s cloud network provide you with business continuity. Should your workplace be damaged by fire, flood or similar, your data will be unaffected. Users can continue working from other locations with minimal disruption.

Our services

Akita can provide a fully-managed hosted desktop as a service (DaaS). We can set up your infrastructure to run from your own in-house server, or from our own secure cloud environment.

We’ll also be able to provide any licensing that you require to operate your setup and advise where existing licences can be retired (and savings made).

Akita can configure security solutions to allow access to hosted desktops from all devices. Our two-factor authentication solution will mean that no unauthorised access can take place.

Should you wish, our hardware experts can select PCs and laptops for you to use with your setup. We’ll select solutions with the right processing solution, but that won’t cost the earth.

And with our IT support, Akita can also manage and maintain your hosted desktop setup for you. With 24/7 monitoring and guaranteed SLAs for support, you’ll always have the support you need.

For a quote, or to arrange a demonstration, please get in touch.

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