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4G Temporary Internet Connection

Our 4G Temporary Internet Connection service can provide your business with a functional Internet solution while you’re waiting for a leased line to be installed.

When moving offices, it can take as much as three months for a new Internet connection to be installed. Even with the best made plans, there can still be time when your new office is ready but your Internet connection is not.

Our 4G Temporary Internet Connection solution can offer organisations a cost-effective option to fill the gap and get them online. We can provide you with a 4G router on a temporary basis (minimal rental of one month). This can then fill the period of time between you moving in and your new Internet connection being installed.

We offer our 4G routers with a range of monthly data limits designed to meet your organisation’s size and requirements. The 4G connection has the bandwidth to support your computers,  servers and Wi-Fi, as well as internet-based calling systems such as VoIP.  We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and make the best recommendation for your setup.

Not just for offices

You can use our 4G Temporary Internet Connection wherever your organisation needs an Internet connection for a limited time period. This can include a temporary work location, a construction site, an away day or other such circumstance.

Should you like the service, we can also supply our 4G Internet solution on a permanent basis as a primary or backup connection. We can arrange to permanently supply this solution to you with the optimum data requirement for your needs.

To discuss your connectivity requirement, get in touch.

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