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4G Backup Internet Connection

An Internet connection is a mandatory requirement for any modern business and any outage can be costly.

Studies by Beaming suggest that 13% of businesses start losing money as soon as their Internet connection fails. This rises to nearly half of businesses by four hours of outage.

Even the most comprehensive Internet connection agreement only provides a 99.9% SLA, meaning a company can be without internet for the equivalent of eight hours each year – or a full business day.

In addition to this period of outage, there are also factors that can cause outage that are outside of an Internet provider’s control, such as accidental damage to infrastructure or cable failure.

While companies can run a secondary Internet line as a failsafe, this can be expensive to install and operate. Equally, without careful selection of the provider, companies can easily find that their backup connection runs over the same infrastructure as their primary line, and therefore just as at risk to interruption.

4G Backup

Akita’s 4G Backup solution provides organisations with an affordable business continuity solution in the case of an Internet outage. As it uses broadband cellular technology, our 4G solution avoids the Internet cabling infrastructure that’s often the cause of outages.

A 4G Backup Connection is significantly less expensive than a secondary line. It’s also much cheaper than the typical cost of an Internet outage to a company.

Should your main Internet connection fail, we can set Akita’s 4G router solution to automatically activate. The solution can then provide you with a connection that keeps your organisation working.

Our 4G Backup Connection is offered in a variety of monthly data options to fit with the size of your business, and can be used to support your computers and servers as well as Internet-based calling systems such as VoIP. Once your main connection returns, you can then switch the router off.

To discuss installation of a 4G Backup Connection and the right data option for your operations, please get in touch.

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