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Remote IT Solutions

Improve flexibility and increase productivity with remote IT solutions.

Akita’s remote IT solutions help businesses to work on the go, delivering a professional service regardless of whether they are in the office or not. They’re also useful to mitigate the effects of business interruption events, such as bad weather, fire or flood.

Take the office with you with virtual desktops and hosted servers

A virtual desktop ensures that even if an employee isn’t in the office, they can access their work desktop, files and applications from anywhere with an internet connection.

Accessed via a link on a laptop or mobile device, a virtual desktop is just like accessing your PC’s desktop at work, only that the entire setup is held on a cloud hosted server.

Staff can work on their documents, as well as use key software they may need to do their job (Sage, Photoshop or whatever software your business relies upon). All documents and changes are saved to the cloud, so there’s no worry about versioning – everyone gets access to the most up-to-date documents.

Along with adding flexibility, hosted server and virtual desktop solutions also mean you can remove the cost of an onsite server setup. Servers are expensive in terms of hardware, maintenance and required upgrades. They also can cost as much as £200 a month in electricity. A cloud hosted server solution therefore introduces substantial savings and removes hassle.

Talk to us today about taking your company’s desktops and server into the cloud.

Cover the phones and hold meetings with VoIP phone solutions

VoIP telephone technology means you don’t have to be in the office to answer your office phone.

Akita partners with 3CX to deliver advanced VoIP phone solutions. Along with cost-saving benefits over traditional telecoms, our VoIP solution also allows users to route calls to a desk phone seamlessly and easily to your mobile phone.

Install the 3CX app and, with a couple of clicks, you can have remote access to your desk phone at home, taking and making calls as if you are in the office.

And if you need to have a vital meeting with colleagues, customers or suppliers, you can use 3CX’s VoIP video calling and conferencing functionality to get face-to-face. Use either your laptop’s webcam or your phone’s camera to host a video call and engage with key clients or colleagues.

3CX VoIP video conferencing allows you to video call as many as 25 people simultaneously, meaning whole teams can meet up. With the ability to share documents and make presentations as well, it’s the next best solution to being in the room with them.

To discuss VoIP, virtual desktops and our full range of remote IT solutions, please call 0207 100 7232  or get in touch.

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