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      Akita Enhances Solution Delivery With Projects Team

      As a development of our managed services, Akita is pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated projects team to meet the service and project requirements of our customers.

      Focused project management

      The development of a dedicated projects team within Akita reflects both the growing scale of our undertakings for customers, and a more specialised approach to our ever-more advanced service offerings.

      Up until now, our senior engineers have been effective in delivering our projects to scope and budget. But with an increase in multi-phase deployments and migrations, a more structured approach has been needed to coordinate the various in-house expertise and services that are required as part of each project.

      Akita’s projects team has been formed from both in-house engineers and the hire of project management experts. The role of the team is to structure and coordinate all of the in-house expertise needed for these more complex customer requirements. And the team take care of customer requirements from beginning to end.

      Increased hypercare

      Alongside the planning and execution management, the projects team will also oversee the important post-go-live period of project assistance.

      Known as hypercare, this is a period of more specialised support that gives customers the necessary communication lines for minor tweaks or change requirements relating to their project (separate from our helpdesk support).

      In this way, specific project-related requirements can be dealt with faster by engineers familiar with the details of the project, rather than by more general helpdesk assistance.

      What will it mean for customers?

      The development of our projects team will allow for greater focus and detail around the solutions we deliver for our customers, allowing us to execute more complex solutions with greater ease.

      Upon their next IT project requirement, customers should discover better service communication, more detail around the solutions proposed, and better documentation around their execution.

      Moreover, with the system and processes we have in place, we’ll also be able to offer IT project management: advising customers on their own internal project management requirements and guiding them through our approaches.

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