Platinum Jubilee

      Happy & Glorious: Technology Throughout Her Majesty’s Reign

      As the Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, we look at how technology has evolved during her reign:


      Televised Coronation

      Queen Elizabeth allowed television cameras into Westminster Abbey for the first time to cover her coronation. Half a million TV sets were sold in Britain in the weeks leading up to this


      Broadcast Of The Christmas Message

      The start of a festive institution, the Queen broadcasts the first Christmas Day speech


      Advance Of Telephone Systems

      QEII makes the first trunk phone call from Bristol Telephone Exchange to Lord Provost of Edinburgh, more than 300 miles


      The Invention Of Email

      She becomes the first British monarch to send an email while visiting the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment. Her username was HME2 “Her Majesty, Elizabeth 2”


      Second Life

      Elizabeth uses a computer to plant a ‘virtual tree’ at an Elementary school in Canada


      Online Video

      The Queen visited Google HQ in London where she posted her first YouTube video to the Royal YouTube channel that was created a year earlier.


      The Rise Of Social Media

      Queen Elizabeth establishes a presence on Facebook and Flickr.



      The Queen broadcasts her 50th-anniversary celebration in 3D.


      Taking To Twitter

      The Queen passed a new technological milestone when she sent her first tweet – to mark the opening of a new Science Museum gallery.



      The Royal Family establishes a presence on Instagram. The first post is fittingly a letter to her Prince Albert from Charles Babbage - the father of modern computing.