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      Microsoft 365 Copilot For Office 365: AI-powered Productivity Assistance

      While still nascent, AI is already delivering new working efficiencies across a wide range of business tasks. Microsoft 365 Copilot for Office 365 is a generative AI tool designed to boost workplace productivity.

      Spanning Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Copilot can perform tasks such as adding content to existing documents or emails, summarising text, rewriting content or formatting entire documents. It’s a radical development that’s set to significantly speed up a wide range of tasks.

      Copilot will be available for Microsoft’s commercial customers for 30 USD (approximately 23.20 GBP) per user per month. When fully released, it will be accessible with Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business premium licences.

      Features Of Microsoft 365 Copilot For Office 365

      Real-time Assistance: Copilot offers contextual suggestions as you work, saving time and improving efficiency. It assists in tasks like drafting emails, creating documents, and generating code.

      Task Automation: Copilot recognises work patterns and automates repetitive tasks such as scheduling meetings, organising files, and generating reports. This frees up time for more valuable activities.

      Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: Copilot facilitates seamless collaboration by providing intelligent suggestions during meetings, brainstorming sessions, and team discussions. It enhances teamwork by offering relevant information and insights.

      Personalised Assistance: Copilot will adapt to your work style and preferences over time. It learns from your actions, analyses data patterns, and tailors its suggestions accordingly, providing a highly personalised and intuitive assistant.


      Benefits Of Microsoft 365 Copilot For Office 365

      Whether writing documents, creating presentations, designing graphics, or composing emails, Microsoft 365 Copilot For Office 365 provides creative ideas at your disposal. This minimises the amount of time you need to waste deciding which path to go down, for example, when used in Word, Copilot can provide a base draft for you to work from, effectively allowing you to skip steps of the creative process, and bring your ideas to life more effectively.

      Copilot can also take care of your mundane tasks. This includes various time-consuming activities, such as summarising text, formatting data, scheduling meetings, and more. By automating these repetitive tasks, Copilot frees up your valuable time, allowing you to focus on more high-value and strategic work.

      Additionally, Microsoft 365 Copilot For Office 365 also serves as a valuable tool for enhancing your professional skills. Copilot can provide feedback, suggestions, and explanations to help improve your writing. It acts as a virtual mentor, guiding you towards better practices and offering insights to refine your skills.

      Copilot can provide intelligent suggestions and insights during meetings, brainstorming sessions, and team discussions. It helps you find relevant information, provides valuable input, creates meeting notes and reports, and enhances the overall effectiveness of your teamwork.

      And Copilot’s ability to understand your intent and provide relevant suggestions and content in real-time ensures that you can complete your work faster and with fewer errors.

      Staying Ahead Of The Competition With Microsoft’s Innovations

      Microsoft 365 Copilot For Office 365 is a comprehensive generative AI tool which has the capability to enable users to complete tasks in a fraction of the time, with better intelligence and final results. Due to Copilot’s advanced functionality, organisations will need to utilise its potential in order to stay ahead of the competition and accelerate operations.

      How To Use Microsoft 365 Copilot For Office 365

      Copilot offers dual integration options. It can be accessed as an embedded feature within Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Teams, located in the toolbar.

      Copilot can also be used as a standalone experience called Business Chat, where users can interact with Copilot AI by initiating a conversation (in a similar format to Chat GPT at present).

      Copilot for Office 365 will become available in November 2023 and will initially be available for organisations with Microsoft E3 and E5 licences and over 300 users. Get in touch to express an interest in the wider availability of Copilot to be first in the queue.

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