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      Akita is a leading provider of IT support to organisations across London and the South East.

      With a proven track record of supporting more than 30 manufacturing companies – spanning from air conditioning to food ingredient industries – we understand the unique challenges these businesses face.

      Our dedicated team ensures their seamless operations with a prompt and dependable round-the-clock IT support service, offering innovative solutions to enhance productivity and minimize downtime.

      At Akita, we are committed to empowering manufacturers to stay at the forefront of their industries through cutting-edge technology and reliable support.

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      Akita’s manufacturing customers benefit from our responsive and proactive IT support.

      Our responsive IT support provides them with access to our knowledgable helpdesk team. They resolve issues and queries against strict SLAs, prioritising problems that may impact on business continuity. We solve over 99% of customers’ issues remotely but have the ability to come to your location if needed.

      We also have a 24/7 IT support service available if required.

      Our proactive IT support includes monitoring services and our Proactive General Maintenance. Both services are designed to identify and eliminate potential IT issues before they become a problem, achieved through a combination of technology, best practice and expertise.

      IT SERVICES FOR Manufacturing

      Our comprehensive IT services for manufacturers encompass a wide range of solutions, tailored to meet the needs of the industry.

      From implementing advanced automation and data analytics systems to ensuring robust cyber security measures, we provide manufacturing businesses with the technology solutions they need to thrive in a competitive landscape.

      Our expert team understands the criticality of uptime and efficiency in manufacturing processes. We work diligently to optimize their IT infrastructure, streamline workflows, and foster innovation. Discover more about some of our more common IT services below:

      It support for manufacturing

      Case Study

      For an example of the services and support we provide for Maidstone-based ingredients and flavour manufacturer Prinova, please read our case study.

      It support for manufacturing

      What Are The Benefits Of Our  Services?

      Managed IT services offer numerous benefits to manufacturers, empowering them to stay competitive and efficient in their operations. Some of the key advantages include:

      1. Proactive Maintenance: Our managed IT support services include proactive monitoring and maintenance, identifying and resolving potential issues before they escalate into significant problems. In this way, we minimise manufacturing downtime.
      2. Enhanced Security: With Akita’s robust cyber security measures in place, manufacturers can protect sensitive data from cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of critical information.
      3. Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing IT support for manufacturers converts fixed IT costs into variable ones (Capex vs Opex). Akita can also help manufacturing customers avoid upfront investments in hardware and software while benefiting from predictable and manageable monthly expenses.
      4. Expert Support: With Akita’s breadth of in-house consultancy manufacturers gain access to an entire team of skilled IT professionals who possess industry-specific knowledge and experience – often for the same cost as a single resource.
      5. Scalability: Akita’s managed IT services are designed to scale. From adjusting IT infrastructure requirements to expanding support requirements, we have the skills and scale to meet the changing needs of your business.


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      It support for manufacturing


      Akita provides IT support and solutions to organisations across London and the South East from our Central LondonKent and Surrey offices. We also have a data centre presence in Reading and Maidstone.

      Our scale and technology allow us to support customers both at their primary locations and their satellite offices located throughout the wider UK and internationally.

      Akita’s team of talented IT engineers and consultants support organisations using a broad variety of infrastructure, hardware and applications, even providing assistance for industry-specific systems and software.

      As a result of our fast response, friendly team and attentive service, Akita has received over 200 five star reviews from our customers.

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