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      5 IT New Year’s Resolutions For Your Business

      Be more secure

      2018 was the year of GDPR and organisations improving their data security. Despite the publicity and the changes to law, companies large and small still managed some spectacular data breaches.

      GDPR hasn’t gone away – quite the opposite. It’s expected that the ICO will issue its first GDPR fines in 2019. And it will likely be looking to make an example of companies to ensure others take the regulation seriously.

      To be sure that you’re not one of the companies getting a fine, undertake a GDPR Audit of your IT systems or a Vulnerability Scan of your network to ensure that your data is secure.

      Be more savvy

      WannaCry was the big IT story of 2017, and ransomware attacks still impact businesses on a daily basis.

      Along with this threat, there’s also been a significant rise in phishing and spoof attacks, particularly targeting business payments and defrauding companies of money.

      A good anti-virus and anti-ransomware solution will go so far in protecting your business, but knowledge is power. Make 2019 the year you put your business and staff through Cyber Essentials. This Government-driven initiative will help you and your staff to improve digital security and awareness of the threats that exist.

      Cyber Essentials will also give accreditation that proves to prospective clients and business partners that you take security seriously.

      Be more efficient

      Think your business could get more done if it had more time? Then get more time!

      Adopting a Microsoft Dynamics CRM or ERP solution will simplify workflows, freeing up more time through efficiencies. It’s also a smart use of budget: every £1 invested in Microsoft Dynamics returns almost £17 to your business in terms of increased efficiency and uplift in sales. And by our maths, companies can break even on the cost of adopting a Microsoft Dynamics setup within the first year of ownership.

      Be more flexible

      Businesses profit through flexibility. Giving staff the ability to work effectively on-the-go and outside of the office can have huge benefits to the productivity of your business.

      Adopting a hosted desktop setup will bring this type of benefit. But it also gives you greater freedoms to grow as well.

      Should your business expand into new regions or even countries, there’s no need to shell out on a whole new infrastructure for your office. As long as staff have an internet connection and a laptop, they can access your cloud-hosted instance. So by the end of 2019, your business can dominate all territories without and expensive IT outlay!

      Be prepared

      Smart businesses are prepared for the best and the worst that a new year can throw at them.

      Whether your business grows or shrinks in 2019, by adopting scalable IT solutions you can be sure you don’t get caught off guard.

      From outsourced IT support, to scalable hosted desktops infrastructure and cloud setups, having solutions that allow your company to grow or shrink will see you make the best of 2019, regardless of what it holds.

      Should your New Year’s resolution be better IT solutions for your business, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to show you how your IT setup could be doing more for you.

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