professional Services Department

      Introducing The Professional Services Department

      Akita is always looking at ways of enhancing our service. And as part of this drive, we’re pleased to announce the enhancement of our Professional Support Service by bringing together our Projects, Onboarding, and Procurement team into a unified Professional Services Department.

      Substantial work has been done to support this consolidation, aiming to significantly improve workflow efficiency and enhance professional service delivery to our clients.

      This move allows the departments to collaborate seamlessly, striving for a unified level of service. The ultimate objective is to establish a more efficient and proactive service that boosts project delivery, enabling Akita to concentrate on providing a stronger overall service.

      The team will operate under a newly-appointed a new Head of Professional Services to drive strategic growth within the teams.

      About The Project Team

      The Projects Team coordinates all IT customer projects within Akita. Applying professional project methodologies and scoping approaches, we’re improving the delivery of projects by removing inherent project risk and minimising any associated downtime.

      With the new team structure, Akita is focusing on better strategic oversight, team development, and service improvement. This collaboration aims to elevate technical excellence and ensure that project management principles are consistently applied for optimal project delivery.

      professional services department

      Onboarding Engineer

      The adoption of a permanent Onboarding Engineer (as compared to a team) has seen exceptional performance for our new customers, enhancing processes and receiving commendable feedback from customers. Our engineer will maintain his focus on advancing the onboarding service and collaborate closely to integrate more project management methodologies into the onboarding process, further enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness.

      Procurement Team

      The Procurement Team is a powerful asset for Akita. Leveraging 25 years of industry partnerships and connections, we’re able to source great deals on hardware and software for our customers, plus simplify its integration.

      Going forward Akita will refine the management of stock and enhance the hardware procurement processes. In turn we believe we can drive improvements in terms of internal operational efficiency and deliver better client-facing procurement activities.

      Akita is committed to delivering the best possible service for our customers. If you have any questions or comments you’d like to make about our service, please get in touch:

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