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      Introducing The Proactive General Maintenance Power App

      Akita bases its IT support on the principle that it’s better that we prevent IT problems from happening, rather than just solve them. This is the reason that we promote Proactive General Maintenance (PGM) time as a way of reducing the number of issues that our customers experience. This may sound a common-sense approach, but it’s not the way that every IT support provider operates. It’s also how we aim to demonstrate knowledge and value to our customers. As part of our digital transformation, we’ve been looking at how we can transform our services through the technologies we develop. Built by our Akita Intelligent Solutions team, our new proactive support Power App represents a huge step forward in the delivery of proactive IT maintenance.

      About The Proactive Support Power App

      With our proactive supportPower App, all customer IT maintenance tasks are prioritised and recorded based on the customer’s setup, the importance of the system, and time since it was last checked. This means that rather than generalised checks, our PGM engineers now have an instant, personalised maintenance plan specific to that visit.

      PGM powerapp

      Our PGM Power App provides a custom IT maintenance task list


      This checklist can be shared with the customer, allowing them to get a better understanding of the state of their IT systems. In turn, this can highlight strategic areas for improvement.

      We, of course, want to stay flexible with your PGM time. If there’s a task that needs undertaking when our engineer arrives, they’ll do this and record it on the Power App. Should this task become a regular requirement, it will also be added to the customer’s PGM task list, with an appropriate priority.

      All tasks completed are logged into the Power App with the engineer’s comments. At the end of the PGM session, the Power App will produce a report that is sent to the customer along with key recommendations for the customer. This can actively help reduce IT-related business interruption by spotting reoccurring problem areas (eg. poor printer connections, failing server backups).

      Recommendations are also fed back to and reviewed by Technical Account Managers and can help to formulate the strategic development of IT over the longer term.

      The Future Of Proactive Maintenance

      Akita believes that our new PGM Power App will help further reduce downtime for our customers. It will also improve how we plan and assist with the development of their IT, resulting in an even better strategic service.

      If you’re an existing customer, we’ll be happy to show you our PGM Power App in more detail on our next visit. And if you can see the potential of Microsoft Power Apps for your organisation, we’ll be happy to discuss how we can develop a custom solution for you.

      For more information, or to request a demo, please get in touch.

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