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      Free PCI Questionnaire Completion For Akita Customers

      Akita is pleased to offer now free PCI questionnaire completion for customers who take card payments and need to comply with PCI DSS standards.

      What Is PCI DSS?

      Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance ensures that organisations handle credit card data securely, reducing the risk of costly data breaches.

      PCI scanning is a crucial aspect of the PCI DSS compliance process. It involves the regular assessment of an organisation’s network and systems to identify vulnerabilities highlighted by the transmission of highly sensitive and valuable customer card data, that could potentially be exploited by cybercriminals. These vulnerabilities might include outdated software, misconfigured systems, or weak security protocols.

      By conducting regular PCI scans, organisations can proactively address any weaknesses and minimise the risk of a customer card detail data breach.

      What Is a PCI Questionnaire?

      A PCI questionnaire, also known as a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), is an integral part of the PCI compliance process. It consists of several questions, determined by the size and function of the organisation, that assess their adherence to specific security measures outlined in the PCI DSS.

      The questionnaire evaluates various aspects of the organisation’s data handling and security practices, such as encryption, access controls, and network segmentation. The goal of the PCI questionnaire is to determine whether an organisation meets the required security standards to protect cardholder data effectively.

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      When Might You Encounter a PCI Questionnaire?

      Organisations are likely to encounter a PCI questionnaire if they handle credit card transactions. They’ll be required to undergo the PCI compliance process by their bank or the organisation assisting them in processing transactions.

      The PCI questionnaire is based on your business’s size and scope of operations. The exact type of questionnaire your business needs to complete will depend on factors such as the method of card processing, the volume of transactions, and the presence of third-party service providers.

      Completing a PCI questionnaire can be a time-consuming and complex task. It requires a deep understanding of the PCI DSS requirements and a thorough assessment of your organisation’s security practices. Many organisations find it challenging to navigate the intricacies of the questionnaire and ensure accurate and comprehensive responses.

      Simplifying PCI Questionnaire Completion with Akita

      By providing free PCI questionnaire completion services, Akita aims to streamline the process and alleviate the burden for our customers seeking PCI compliance. Our service is free for questionnaires with 40 questions or less, and we also offer a paid service for bigger assessments – (the typical size we receive from our customer base is between 25 and 40 questions).

      Akita’s team of cyber security experts are well-versed in the intricacies of PCI DSS requirements. They have both the security knowledge and the organisational intelligence to answer PCI questionnaires correctly for our customers. And they can also provide consultancy for any areas that may not yet be compliant.

      This ensures all necessary aspects are addressed accurately and guarantees that they pass the compliance test when they submit their questionnaire.

      They can also assist organisations with the completion of PCI scanning – highly recommended to prevent data breaches and cybercrime related to card payments.

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