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      Does Activating MFA Solutions Restrict Your Work?

      With Microsoft set to enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) on accounts, we assess how much impact this will have on working.

      Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so taking the necessary precautions is vital. Multi-factor authentication, or MFA solutions are cost-effective and fundamental layers in securing your online accounts and systems. While MFA solutions offer numerous security benefits, some might question whether they impact the way you work. Below we explore what MFA is, how it could affect your work processes, and why its advantages far outweigh any minor inconveniences.

      What is MFA?

      Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security method requiring two or more forms of identification for access. These include something known (like a password), something possessed (like a smartphone or token), or something physical (biometrics).

      MFA solutions enhance security by making it difficult for unauthorised users to access accounts or systems, even if one factor (such as password) is compromised.

      Activating MFA solutions is essential for enhancing the security of your online accounts and systems. By activating MFA, you significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access and enhance the overall security posture of your digital assets.

      Does MFA Impact Users?

      MFA solutions will have a limited impact on the way individuals work. But this largely depends on how MFA is implemented and integrated within an organisation’s workflows. Elements that can affect users are:

      Authentication Process:

      Users will need to go through an additional step during login, which may involve entering a one-time code from a mobile app or receiving a text message. This can add a few seconds to the login process. However, this is typically asked for once a day at most.

      Enhanced Security:

      MFA solutions significantly enhance security but may require users to adapt to new authentication methods. It encourages users to be more security-conscious and may reduce the likelihood of security incidents. That may impact some users, but it’s a good thing from an organisation’s perspective

      Remote Work:

      MFA is crucial for securing remote access to company systems. While it adds an extra step, it’s necessary to protect sensitive data when working outside the business network. It therefore requires users to think ahead about whether they’ll be working from another location and ensure that systems are configured for this.

      MFA solutions

      Training and Awareness:

      Organisations may need to provide training and awareness programs to educate employees about the importance of MFA solutions and how to use them correctly. Much of this should be common sense, but incidents may occur if organisations take that for granted.

      Mobile Device Dependence:

      If MFA involves mobile apps, users will need to have access to their smartphones or other devices for authentication. This reliance on devices may impact those who frequently forget or lose their phones.

      Initial Setup:

      There may be some initial setup required for MFA, which can take some time. However, this is a one-time process for each user. Because of the potential security issues, it is better to have expert IT professionals configure your MFA solutions.

      Benefits Of MFA Solutions

      MFA solutions provide a robust security framework with several key benefits.

      It substantially bolsters account security by necessitating multiple forms of authentication, making unauthorised access considerably more challenging.

      MFA is a powerful deterrent against data breaches resulting from compromised passwords or phishing attacks.

      It also aids in compliance with some industry standards and regulations. Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus are also dependent on having MFA active.

      Lastly, MFA enhances security without the need for overly complex passwords, reducing the burden of password management while fortifying account protection.

      Activating MFA With Akita

      While MFA introduces an additional layer of security, it’s designed to be as unobtrusive as possible in everyday work. The trade-off between enhanced security and minor inconveniences in the authentication process is generally considered worthwhile.

      Akita provides MFA solutions for organisations in a range of industries. Find out more about our services:

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