Qualys event in London jhighlghted the importance of cyber response times

      Cyber Security Response Times Critical To Protection Event Highlights

      Cyber security threats are escalating in complexity and frequency, demanding quicker and more decisive action from industry leaders, was one of the highlights of the recent Qualys Security Conference 2024 held at the prestigious Hilton in London.

      This event, attended by members of Akita’s cyber security team, offered a reminder of the importance of swift vulnerability management. Qualys CEO, Sumedh Thakar, presented alarming statistics that emphasized this need – over 2.8 bn vulnerabilities were identified across systems, with a staggering 80% classified as high-risk or greater.

      Speed Of Response Critical

      Despite these figures, the global average response time currently stands at 24 days, far exceeding the recommended thresholds (external threats should ideally be resolved within 5 days, and internal issues within 14 days). These benchmarks are not just aspirational but are critical metrics that could define the cyber security landscape in the near future.

      response times are key to cyber defence, event highlights

      Qualys’s solution, TruRisk, was also showcased at the conference. The tool enables organisations to classify security vulnerabilities more realistically and act on them with precision. With TruRisk, Qualys has been able to reduce high-risk vulnerabilities to just 600 million – showcasing a potential pathway to meeting the ideal response times.

      The conference also reinforced the urgency of integrating proactive cyber detection methods as part of cyber defence. Such technologies are not just a ‘nice to have’ in an organisation’s cyber security toolkit; they are essential components that will drive our strategies in 2024 and beyond.

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