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VoIP Phone Solution For Sussex Security Firm

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Onwatch are a long-standing client of Akita’s, having initially starting using our IT support services in 2008. In 2017, we implemented our Akita VoIP telephony solution which transformed their internal communications.

A provider of CCTV and fire systems, Onwatch have a head office in Crowborough in Sussex, along with offices in Rochester, Sunderland, Shropshire, America, St Lucia and Bahrain.

When their telephone system was up for renewal, Onwatch came to our head office for a demonstration of the VoIP 3CX system we have provided to so many organisations.

Following this, a second demonstration was arranged for the management team. This included a web conferencing demo to test the video call functionality between their location and their Sunderland offices.

Onwatch decided to roll out our 3CX VoIP phone solution for the following reasons:

  • Their current phone system was outdated with limited functionality.
  • Onwatch’s multiple sites were unconnected and it was costing to business to make calls between the offices.
  • Akita’s VoIP phone system helped to reduce their monthly spend.
  • As part of the 3CX VoIP phone system, Onwatch are able to benefit from free video calls and web conferencing.
  • Pre-configured phones could be sent to their smaller remote offices (two phones to St Lucia and one to the Telford office) without the need for an engineer to attend.
  • They could rely on Akita as a single provider for both their IT and telephony support.

The Akita VoIP system was delivered as a hosted solution and rolled out to their 45 employees over a weekend. The smaller remote offices had new telephones delivered as a pre-programmed plug and play solution – this cut down on the costs and resulted in a efficient deployment for all seven locations.

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