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Onwatch are a long-standing client of Akita’s, having initially starting using our IT support services in 2008. In 2017, we implemented our Akita VoIP telephony solution which transformed their internal communications.

A provider of CCTV and fire systems, Onwatch have a head office in Crowborough in Sussex, along with offices in Rochester, Sunderland, Shropshire, America, St Lucia and Bahrain.

When their telephone system was up for renewal, Onwatch for a demonstration of the popular VoIP 3CX system that Akita has already provided to many organisations across the South East.

Following this, a second demonstration was arranged for the management team. This included a web conferencing demo to test the video call functionality between their location and their Sunderland offices.

Onwatch decided to roll out our 3CX VoIP phone solution for the following reasons:

  • Their current phone system was outdated with limited functionality.
  • Onwatch’s multiple sites were unconnected and it was costing to business to make calls between the offices.
  • Akita’s VoIP phone system has helped to reduce their monthly spend by cutting out the need for expensive phone lines and reducing call costs.
  • As part of the 3CX VoIP phone system, Onwatch is able to benefit from free video calls and web conferencing for all users.
  • Pre-configured phones could be sent to their smaller remote offices (two phones to St Lucia and one to the Telford office) without the need for an engineer to attend.
  • They could rely on Akita as a single provider for both their IT and telephony support.

The VoIP phones in Sussex were delivered as a hosted solution and rolled out to their 45 employees over a weekend.

The smaller, remote offices had  their new telephones delivered as a pre-programmed plug and play solution. This significantly cut down on the costs of installation and resulted in a much more efficient deployment across all of the company’s seven locations.

To discuss the VoIP phones Sussex businesses –  and those across the South East – can benefit from, please get in touch.

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