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In 2001 Akita were invited to the A13 site having already been in contract with another company within the Road Management Group.

RMS maintain the Limehouse Link tunnel on behalf of Transport for London and are based in Central London, close to Canary Wharf. Over the course of the relationship with RMS, Akita has guided them through a series of IT changes and virtual infrastructure improvements including:

Upgraded cabling structure from BNC to CAT5e
Migrated from Netware 3.11 to NT4
Migrated from NT4 to Windows 2000
Migrated from Windows 2000 to Server 2003
Consolidated all legacy hardware using VMware
Migrated from Server 2003 to Server 2008
Migration to hosted Exchange 2010 in the Akita cloud to embrace cloud computing

It’s important to note that upgrades were not arbitrarily carried out. Rather, a problem was identified and then a justifiable argument was presented to the management team. Often any problems are identified from a combination of user feedback and Akita’s pro-active approach to network management.

Potential solutions are engineered from Akita’s constant scrutiny of new technologies and considerable experience gathered from deploying those technologies for other customers. Once the management team had been given all the options they made their informed decisions. This is a typical example of how Akita fits into the organisational structure of any given customer to deliver structured, targeted and quality support.

Recently the 42U rack of servers was virtualised and consolidated, leaving a 1U physical host to run 3 virtual servers. The power savings alone are estimated to be at least £600 per annum. To provide rapid backup and recovery, ensuring no more than 2 hours of downtime despite a catastrophic failure, a 2nd 1U server was added to the infrastructure to facilitate near real-time replication of virtual servers from one physical host to another.

The right blend of support package, the implementation of relevant technology and IT virtual infrastructure improvements, and a keen understanding of RMS’s requirements continue to yield great results, matching the customer requirements for no downtime to match their 24/7/365 commitments.

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