vmware and virtualisation

VMware Success and Virtualization

When considering desktop virtualization, delivering them as a managed service gives you a more flexible IT infrastructure. It allows you to deploy applications and desktops faster and more consistently to a wider variety of users, lowering costs while improving service levels. Virtualized desktops like VMware are also ideal for remote and branch offices. Moving into the cloud allows you to deliver them as a managed service while retaining your control and security.

It was therefore interesting to read in today’s news that VMware are massively expanding their operations in the US, adding an additional 1 million sq feet of office space and up to 2,500 new jobs.

Aside from the news about VMware’s overall business strength, it is pleasing to see that it has increased its R&D spending to more than $653 million in 2010 (predicted revenue for 2011 is $3.6 billion).

At Akita we are always evaluating alternative products, methodologies and technologies. For the time being though, we are impressed with the VMware product. We envisage that it will play a major part in our cloud computing and virtualized solutions for the foreseeable future.

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