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      What To Consider For Desktop Virtualization?

      When considering desktop virtualization, delivering them as a managed service gives you a more flexible IT infrastructure. VMware virtualization software is one of the key solutions that Akita uses to achieve this. Discover more about the benefits of virtualization and why VMware in particular is a solution of choice.

      Benefits Of Desktop Virtualization

      Desktop virtualization offers a plethora of advantages that resonate with today’s dynamic business environment:

      1. Accelerated Deployment: Desktop virtualization empowers organizations to expedite the deployment of applications and desktop environments. This agility is paramount in the fast-paced digital era, allowing businesses to swiftly adapt to evolving market demands.

      2. Enhanced Consistency: Consistency is the cornerstone of operational excellence. By embracing virtualized desktop solutions such as VMware, businesses ensure a uniform IT experience across diverse user segments. This consistency improves productivity and minimises troubleshooting complexities.

      3. Cost Efficiency: The financial benefits of desktop virtualization are significant. It offers a cost-effective approach to managing IT resources, reducing capital expenditure on hardware while optimising resource allocation. This prudent allocation translates into cost savings that resonate throughout the organization.

      4. Improved Service Levels: Elevating service levels is integral to meeting customer and employee expectations. Desktop virtualization enhances service delivery by ensuring that applications and desktops are accessible reliably and consistently, thereby elevating user satisfaction.

      5. Empowering Remote Work: In an era where remote work has become ubiquitous, desktop virtualization shines. It facilitates secure access to work resources from any location, empowering employees to work efficiently from home or branch offices.

      6. Cloud-Driven Security: The transition to cloud-based desktop virtualization augments security measures. Companies retain granular control over network security at all locations while benefiting from the robust security protocols offered by reputable cloud providers.

      What To Consider?

      When considering desktop virtualization, several crucial factors demand consideration.

      First and foremost, organisations should assess their specific business needs and objectives, aligning virtualization strategies accordingly. Additionally, the choice of virtualization technology, such as VMware or Citrix, should be made with a focus on compatibility and scalability to ensure seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and accommodate future growth.

      Security must also be a paramount concern, as virtualized environments can introduce new vulnerabilities if not properly safeguarded. Furthermore, the cost-benefit analysis should be meticulous, evaluating the potential savings against the initial investment.

      Finally, a well-defined implementation plan and comprehensive employee training are essential to maximize the benefits of desktop virtualization and ensure a smooth transition for the workforce.

      Thankfully Akita can assist with all of these elements

      Partner For Desktop Virtualization

      At Akita we are always evaluating alternative products, methodologies and technologies. We are suitably impressed with the VMware product – enough so to partner with them. We envisage that it will play a major part in our cloud computing and virtualized solutions for the foreseeable future.

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