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      VMware Virtualization Success

      When considering desktop virtualization, delivering them as a managed service gives you a more flexible IT infrastructure. VMware virtualization software is one of the key solutions that Akita uses to achieve this. Discover more about the benefits of virtualization and why VMware in particular is a solution of choice.

      Benefits of Virtualization

      Virtualization has a number of benefits. It allows for an organisation to deploy applications and desktops faster and more consistently to a wider variety of users. At the same time, this has the impact of increased efficiency, lowering costs while improving service levels.

      Virtualized desktops (like VMware) are also ideal for remote and branch offices. They can ensure consistency of IT experience across all of your organisation’s locations. And by moving into the cloud companies can retain control of and ensure security for networks at all locations.

      Growth in VMware

      Akita is not alone in experiencing great results with VMware virtualization. So growth on the company’s part is not surprising. It’s been interesting to chart how VMware has massively expanded its operations in the US, adding an additional 1 million sq feet of office space and up to 2,500 new jobs in recent years to meet the demand for its services.

      Aside from news about VMware’s overall business strength, it is also pleasing to see that it has increased its R&D significantly over the past few years and continued to innovate its products and services in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

      VMware virtualization

      At Akita we are always evaluating alternative products, methodologies and technologies. We are suitably impressed with the VMware product – enough so to partner with them. We envisage that it will play a major part in our cloud computing and virtualized solutions for the foreseeable future.

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