benefits of using 3CX

      Benefits Of Using 3CX As Your VOIP Provider

      Choosing a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solution that is both affordable and versatile is essential for business communications. One of the benefits of using 3CX as a communications provider because it offers more than just voice calls, with Live Chat, WhatsApp, business text messages and video conferencing solutions included. Discover the wider advantages of 3CX as your communication solution:


      One of the main benefits of using 3CX for all your voice, video, and messaging needs is that everything becomes simpler and quicker. You won’t need to juggle different service providers, trying to ensure they all work in unison. This allows your team to work more smoothly and react faster to changes or issues. Plus, when services are bundled together, they’re often more affordable per service, and this is certainly true with 3CX compared to many if not all of its competitors.

      Simplifying Complex Setup

      Handling multiple companies for various services can be both confusing and time-consuming. By using one company for everything, you’ll have one contract to manage, one bill to pay, and one support team to deal with. This makes it easier to manage your operations, and you’ll be less likely to run into compatibility issues or discrepancies with contract end/start dates.

      benefits of using 3CX

      Better, Personalised Support

      Akita is a partner of 3CX, offering its services to our customers. Having all your communications services provided by 3CX, allows us to identify and solve issues quicker and in a more streamlined manner without needing to refer to multiple contracts and providers. This gives you better customer service and also means any feedback provided can be more impactful.

      Strengthening Security

      3CX as a company takes cyber security very seriously, recognising the importance of VoIP security measures in an ever more serious threat landscape. The security benefits of using 3CX are vast as they’ve recently hardened multiple layers of network security and revamped build security. They also conduct ongoing product security reviews to continuously improve performance, engage in ongoing internal penetration testing and more, all in order to provide a secure service. This partnered with Akita’s focus on cyber security for all its customers, means you can rely on your communications being secure.

      Benefits Of Using 3CX: Explore With Akita

      The benefits of using 3CX for all your communications requirements are clear in the above and mean you get a streamlined, simple service. You’ll get a cost-effective solution with better support and boosted security. It’s important to pick a company you can trust, one that offers high-quality services and can adapt to your specific needs.

      By choosing 3CX, you can put your focus on growing your business and worry less about managing communications technology. With the right company to assist, your communication and IT services become strong tools for success, not just tasks to manage.

      Akita is a 3CX partner, delivering VoIP communications solutions for organisations across the UK. Find out more about our VoIP services:

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