Avast to end support for Windows XP

      Avast To End Support For Windows XP

      The announcement is yet another example of a software developer choosing not to provide ongoing support for Microsoft’s legacy operating systems.

      Microsoft itself ended Windows XP support in 2014. However, a 2017 survey by Spiceworks revealed that 52% of businesses still had at least one XP machine, while 9% had a machine running Windows Vista. These machines can still receive support from Avast Endpoint Protection Version 18, but will not be able to access new features.

      Microsoft’s legacy operating systems are beginning to represent a headache for IT security. The majority of PCs effected by 2017’s Wannacry virus outbreak were running Windows 7, another unsupported platform. Microsoft was forced to issue patches to secure these PCs, despite Windows 7 no longer being supported.

      Avast’s decision not to support Windows XP should be a wake-up call to businesses to update machines running old operating systems. To have a conversation about upgrading the Microsoft operating system on your PCs or servers, or discuss anti-virus solutions that include anti-ransomware, please get in touch.

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