Akita Partners With GDP Armour For Enhanced GDPR Preparation

      As organisations will be aware by now, there is no quick fix to getting ready for GDPR. Akita’s GDPR IT Audit solution is the first of a number of steps that organisations need to take to ensure that personal data is secure and protected from an IT standpoint. It does not, however, cover the legal and administrative components that organisations need to implement.

      This is where GDP Armour can assist. They provide technical advice on GDPR and service the procedural and training aspects of GDPR preparation, assisting organisations to get the relevant policies and contract terms in place ahead of the 25th of May. GDP Armour will also be able to provide guidance for changing working practices ahead of GDPR, as well as educate staff around data protection.


      Being ready for the 25th of May implementation date is of course just the start: organisations must then be certain that their ongoing operations follow GDPR guidance and that personal data safeguards are in place. Akita’s technical expertise will maintain and monitor the data safeguards identified and implemented at the start of the audit process.

      Director of GDP Armour, David Charity, said: “Due to the nature of the new data protection laws, it’s impossible for any GDPR solution to solve all a company’s compliance issues. Ultimately your directors will always be responsible for compliance. But with Akita’s IT solutions and GDP Armour’s consultancy, together we can provide clients with a comprehensive package of expert advice that drives them towards best practice.”

      Adrian Case, Technical Director at Akita, added: “Organisations should not underestimate the challenges of preparing for GDPR. The procedural advice that GDP Armour is able to offer compliments the IT guidance that Akita can provide both in the run-up to implementation and beyond.”

      You can discover more about GDPR and the changes to personal data law on our dedicated page:


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