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      Akita Achieves Cyber Essentials Plus Assessor Status

      Akita is pleased to announce that its cyber security team has achieved Cyber Essentials Plus assessor status, underscoring our advanced cyber security services.

      This accreditation builds upon the Cyber Essentials assessor status and illustrates how we continue to evolve as a trusted partner for business cyber defence.

      What Is Cyber Essentials Plus And What Does Cyber Essentials Plus Include?

      Cyber Essentials Plus is an advanced certification that builds upon the foundation laid by Cyber Essentials.

      It involves a proactive, hands-on audit of an organisation’s systems, verifying that the five IT security controls measured in Cyber Essentials are in place and operating effectively:

      • Firewalls: Ensuring robust barriers are set up to prevent unauthorised access to or from private networks.
      • Secure Configuration: Guaranteeing that devices and software are configured for maximum security.
      • User Access Control: Confirming that access to data and services is restricted to authorised users only.
      • Malware Protection: Ensuring that appropriate measures are in place to protect against viruses and other malicious software.
      • Patch Management: Confirming that devices and software are up-to-date with the latest security patches.

      To demonstrate the above, an organisation will be visited by an assessor to check the above and must pass a vulnerability scan.

      Achieving the certification demonstrates that an organisation has undergone rigorous cyber security audit, ensuring that these controls are not only implemented but are also functioning correctly to defend against common cyber threats.

      How Long Does It Take to Get Cyber Essentials Plus?

      The timeline for achieving Cyber Essentials Plus certification can vary. Factors include the size and complexity of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, the current state of its cyber security measures, and the readiness to implement necessary changes.

      An organisation must already hold Cyber Essentials to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus, though Akita will work with organisations to achieve both Cyber Essentials accreditations as a single project.

      Our process typically involves the following:

      • Preparation: Assessing current systems against Cyber Essentials Plus requirements and addressing any gaps. This will include a preparatory vulnerability scan assessment.
      • Self-Assessment and Documentation: Completing a self-assessment questionnaire and gathering necessary documentation.
      • Additional vulnerability assessment: A final vulnerability check to ensure that all measures have been put in place successfully and that the organisation is ready to be audited.
      • External Audit: Undergoing the hands-on Cyber Essentials Plus audit by a certified assessor like Akita. This will include the onsite assessment and a vulnerability scan.
      • Certification: If the audit is successful, certification is granted shortly after. If any issues are identified, additional time may be needed to address them before certification is achieved.

      Dependant on readiness, security gaps identified and desired timelines, the process can range from a few weeks to a few months.

      Cyber Essentials Plus Assessor Success For Our Cyber Security Team

      Akita’s achievement of Cyber Essentials Plus assessor status is a significant milestone that highlights our focus on achieving cyber security excellence.

      This certification ensures that Akita is well-equipped to guide organisations through the Cyber Essentials Plus audit process, helping them to meet stringent Cyber Essentials Plus requirements and fortify their defences against cyber threats.

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