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With ever-increasing IT security threats and escalating compliance requirements, businesses today must do all they can to protect themselves and their networks.

Akita has over two decades of experience in providing data, IT and network security services and consultancy. Always on top of the latest developments, our team of specialists will keep your business protected from the ever-evolving threat landscape.


Network security is a crucial part of your overall IT security strategy and ensures that your business continues to operate effectively. As of May 2018, it is also a core requirement of GDPR.

Akita designs security and control layers that protect every point of a network. Our solutions utilise industry-leading IT hardware and software security solutions from providers such as CiscoSophos and DrayTek, ranging from firewalls to anti-ransomware

We also offer server and network monitoring to detect and eliminate threats before they have a chance to cause big problems for your systems.

We can tailor our offering to your requirements, budgets and the profile of your company. Should your company work within a high-risk industry (for example; financial services, oil and gas, telecoms or defence) we can ensure that we give you the right security measures complete with regular testing.

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Akita offers anti-virus software that can filter out threats, malware, viruses and spam before they ever reach your network.

By scanning emails before they get to your server, we’re able to implement robust security policies. This ensures your organisation is secure and compliant with regulations such as GDPR.

We’ll use the right solutions for your needs: Avast for day-to-day business protection, or the more advanced Sophos Intercept X to help prevent ransom and encryption attacks. We also offer granular control of your data integrity to ensure that you always know where it is and who is accessing it.




Over 90% of employee passwords can be hacked in less than six hours. And most take far less time than this.

Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your online accounts. Verifying your identity using a second source (such as your phone or another device) prevents anyone from logging into the account, even if they know the password.

Akita can set up two-factor authentication to give permission for online accounts via SMS, voice call, one-time passcode, smartphone app notification and more.


As much as 70% of the emails a business receives are spam.

Email is the primary way malware and viruses are introduced to IT systems. This is not just through attachments (typically caught by anti-virus software) but through malicious links within emails as well.

Spam is also time-consuming. The average member of staff might spend 30 minutes a day going through their emails. Using an email filtering solution to eliminate 50% of emails (spam) would save each member of staff the best part of a day each month. Across an entire organisation, that’s a massive efficiency saving.

Akita’s email filtering solution can eliminate threats and help improve the relevancy of your emails. Email filtering can be set at various levels of security and can include trigger words to block common spam terms.

Staff also get a summary email at the end of each day to show emails that have been blocked. So if something genuine has been caught they can see it, release it and whitelist that sender. Users are also able to access their quarantine areas at any time simply by logging in.

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Akita has a team of IT consultants who advise our supported customers on every aspect of their IT systems and processes. Our consultants also provide ad hoc consultancy and services to organisations looking for IT security guidance or an impartial review of their IT infrastructure.

With each member of our consultancy team an expert in their own specialist field, we are able to offer the following IT security consultancy services:

IT Audits

Professional review of your IT systems, focusing on specific aspects or a general overview as you require.

Security Audit

Focused on work station, infrastructure and network security, as well as internal IT and remote working proceedures.

GDPR Audit

An evaluation of how personal data is used and stored within your business, highlighting risks and offering recommendations as to how to best protect data.

Vulnerability Scanning

A comprehensive security check that uses a combined software and expert-driven approach to search for and exploit vulnerabilities in IT systems and procedures.

PCI Scanning

Security scanning specifically relating to the PCI requirements for those taking bank and credit card payments.

IT Network Security

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