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      Akita’s email filtering service can eliminate malware threats and improve the relevancy of your emails
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      Email Filtering Service

      Email is the single leading business communication method, with the average worker sending over 40 per day. Unfortunately, bundled with the many advantages of email are significant threats. The simple act of opening an email or clicking a link can release payloads of viruses which can demolish networks and internal structures. They can also have devastating consequences on your customers and contacts.

      Akita’s Email Filtering service provides advanced email security for your business. Our Mail Filtering server acts as the first point of contact for all emails, inspecting all mail for viruses or spam. Unsolicited emails, phishing attempts, spoofing and illicit content are just some of the categories of unwanted email that our solution blocks.

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      Features Of Email Filtering Services

      Spam Filtering

      Filters your organisation’s email traffic to stop email spam from reaching your users. Our solution guarantees 99.97% spam detection through multi-layered spam analysis. Low false positive rate of 0.03% allows you to rest easy knowing your users never lose genuine emails.

      Virus & Malware Blocking

      Our solution contains double antivirus protection which serve to block viruses and malware, such as ransomware, trying to infiltrate your network through email.

      Whitelisting & Blacklisting

      Set to always allow or block mail from particular email addresses.

      Recipient verification

      Our Mail Filtering server validates email addresses against the sending mail server, rejecting fake emails and spam.

      Outbound Scanning

      Blocks spam and viruses being sent out from your organisation, preventing your IPs from being blacklisted as a spammer by global blacklisting services (blacklisting can prevent email delivery, interfering with business process and productivity and is difficult and time consuming to resolve).

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      The Impact Of Spam Emails

      As many as 70% of the emails a business receives are spam.

      Spam is also time-consuming. The average member of staff might spend 30 minutes a day going through their emails. Using an email filtering solution to eliminate 50% of emails (spam) would save each member of staff the best part of a day each month. Across an entire organisation, that’s a massive efficiency saving.

      Akita’s solution can eliminate threats and help improve the relevancy of your emails. The system can be set at various levels of security and can include trigger words to block common spam terms.

      Staff also get a summary email at the end of each day to show emails that have been blocked. So if something genuine has been caught they can see it, release it and whitelist that sender. Users are also able to access their quarantine areas at any time simply by logging in.

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