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IT Support For Startups

With reliable IT support and a full range of services, Akita is the ideal IT partner for startup companies

It’s a simple fact that every company starts small, no matter how successful it eventually becomes.  And when you’re starting out, it’s not always easy to get the assistance you need.

Akita appreciates the challenge of being a startup company. Our aim for these companies is to get their IT right from the start. We know what they need, what works and what solutions offer the best value.

And as these companies grow, we can provide them with a roadmap of IT services that supports continued expansion and even drive success.

IT Support For Startups

Akita’s IT support is available for organisations with as few as 5 users. If your company is currently smaller than that but you plan to expand in the near future, we can provide you with support at the 5 user rate so that you can get up and running.

We’ll provide you with professional and responsive IT support, covering everything from complex network solutions to password resets and basic ‘how-to’ questions.

And with our proactive support and monitoring, we’ll help to eliminate IT issues before they become big problems, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

IT Services For Startups

Akita offers over 40 IT managed services thanks to the knowledge and skills possessed by our engineers and consultants.

Startup companies may only have a limited initial requirement for these services. But as these organisations grow, it can be of great assistance if they have an IT partner that can keep pace and provide the right solutions at the right times.

And as Akita provides services for organisations up to enterprise in size, you’ll know we have the solutions and the capacity to keep delivering as you grow.

About Akita

Established for over 20 years, Akita is an IT support and managed service partner. From our offices in Kent, London and Surrey, we work with over 250 organisations of all sizes, providing solutions that take the stress out of IT for businesses.

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