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Specialist Independent School catering for a diverse range of needs for boys and girls age 11-19.

Objectives: Evaluate the network infrastructure, improve both performance and reliability, prepare network for wireless deployment and additional functionality. Provide IT support to existing IT team.

Background: The West Heath School requested that Akita conduct an assessment of the networking and communications systems. The evaluation revealed that the state of the network was not up to the job of satisfying the needs of the 120 students and 140 staff. The cabling structure had fallen into a state of disrepair, there was no cabling diagram which hampered infrastructure fault finding, the servers had an inadequate level of fault tolerance and crucially there was no plan to bring the ICT systems in line with what the management team wanted to achieve.

A plan was devised to address both the immediate and long term needs of the user base. The implementation was segmented into small, clearly defined sections to allow the management team to assess the immediate results of each completed phase and to ensure that the budgetary stipulations were being adhered to before moving on. An 8 point phased plan was submitted and approved.