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Akita originally engaged with the Hadlow Manor hotel back in 2011, following a server failure. As the server was used to manage their room booking system it was critical that a quick solution was found.

Our engineers promptly visited the hotel (part of a leading local hotel group) with a temporary loan server, and the PMS system was re-installed to ensure that they could function normally.

It was clear that the hotel was in need of improved systems and ongoing support. Email to the users was delivered using a POP3 service which was unreliable, extremely limited and resulted in inefficient email management. As well as this, there was no backup strategy and data was only stored on the physical server.

Akita proposed a couple of alternative solutions and the management team decided to adopt a hosted exchange solution along with a new server, offsite backup, and ongoing support to hotel staff. The server and email migration were carried out with minimal disruption to the hotel, allowing them to continue to operate.

Over the subsequent years, our relationship has expanded to take on other locations in the hotel group, namely Reigate Manor and Hartsfield Manor (acquired in 2017).

More recently, the management team at CQK wanted a simplified, central solution for remote access to all three hotels. To achieve this, the previous three remote desktop environments were consolidated into a single active directory and file server, although new servers for each hotel were provisioned to take account of the differing application requirements.

As well as providing ongoing IT support during normal working hours and 24/7 support to ensure the hotel operations are not impacted for any out-of-hours incidents, Akita have also designed and installed guest Wifi networks as well as fully hosted cloud solutions.

Wifi is delivered to each of the hotels as a fully managed service. An initial wireless audit was completed for each site to ensure that a robust and reliable solution was put forward, with no signal blackspots. The wifi network runs over its own dedicated FTTC connection, resulting in a secure network with guest Wifi away from the internal office networks.

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