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EAPL supports the highly skilled labour requirements of the marine industry and has recently extended its services to accommodate the industrial and construction sector.

EAPL operate in the marine and industrial sectors and are a long term client of Akita. We’ve provided them with IT consultancy and cloud computing across multiple locations for number of years. Our service for EAPL focuses on providing fast telephone and remote support to all staff regardless of location or time zone.

Akita successfully migrated EAPL from an under-performing onsite solution to our own virtual infrastructure. As a result, system performance and reliability were dramatically improved with all users noticing a significant uplift in speed, the eradication of system wide downtime and far greater reliability from their cloud computing services.

These infrastructure and network improvements were underpinned by ongoing IT support and proactive, pre-scheduled general maintenance visits. These site visits help to minimise the number of ongoing issues requiring IT support, as well as fostering a close working relationship and enabling our staff to develop a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs.